How to Choose a Chandelier for Different Rooms?

Chandeliers can give a sense of elegance and sophistication and can make you stare with your mouth hanging open. Shaped like a candle holder and draped with crystals, a traditional chandelier gives a very grand feel. Looking for some bright ideas on how to choose a chandelier? Consider these tips for selecting a fixture that suits the proportions of your rooms and the style of your home.


The entranceway is a visitor’s first impression of your home.

The goal of the entranceway is to impress the guest right when they walk into the home.

With the right light fitting, they can feel mesmerized and welcomed immediately.

Installing a stunning chandelier right above the centre of the entry, creates ideal overhead lighting for welcoming guests into your home, while also serving as an eye-catching focal point for space.

For a single-story foyer, hang your chandelier about 7 feet from the floor. This is the safe height for hanging your fixture so that no one hits their heads as they enter your home.



If the entranceway is the first impression of the home, the dining room is the last impression.

The goal of using a chandelier in your dining room is to impress the guests with spectacular design and create a lasting memory of the dinner and the entire party.

The food tastes even better than usual and you remember that special occasion for years to come.

Having a chandelier right above the dining table will benefit the room both practically and aesthetically.

It will provide lighting for the entire room while also creating an immersive atmosphere for all guests.

Go bigger, not smaller in a dining room. If the chandelier seems too large, hang it a little closer to the ceiling so it does not feel so overwhelming.

Measure the width of the dining table to determine the diameter of the fixture. Your chandelier should be about one half to two thirds the width of the dining table.

Hang a dining room chandelier about 30 inches to 36 inches from the tabletop.

Living Room

Living Room

The modern living room is the most engaging used room in the household.

The goal of the living room is to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for everyone to enjoy each other’s company.

Hanging a chandelier above a living space will create a more intimate space. A large cascading chandelier can play an important role in bringing the room down to human scale, particularly in rooms with higher ceilings.

Choose a semi-flush mount if the ceilings are a bit low in the living room.

Make sure that your chandelier is the right size. A good rule of thumb is to sum up the dimensions of the room in metres then convert this figure to centimetres to determine the diameter of your chandelier. So, for example, if your room is 4.5 metres long and 3 metres wide, the diameter of your chandelier should be about 63 centimetres.



The kitchen is all about practicality.

Let’s face it. The goal of the kitchen is to store and cook food for the family.  Usually, the room has the typical storage cabinets, pantries, and fridge. All this is pretty standard and very boring.

There are ways to create a more engaging atmosphere and it all starts with the home lighting.

Rather than using a pendant or flush mount lighting fixture, you can up the ‘wow’-factor by hanging chandeliers over the kitchen island. Not only do these fixtures provide extra light when cooking, but they also add a beautiful decor element to an otherwise all-practical-all-the-time room.

Hang your chandelier low enough but not too low. Your light fixture should hang low enough so that it adequately illuminates the desired area, but not too low to avoid getting hit in the head as you pass by it.



Bedroom Chandeliers are the most personal of all lights.

You can let your individuality shine through. Easily makeover the style of your bedroom by replacing a tired or dated light fixture with a romantic bedroom chandelier.

For a fresh use for this fixture and a romantic big bang, use a chandelier over your bed.

Room size and ceiling height often determine the best size for your new master bedroom chandelier.

If you have a low ceiling, be sure to consider a semi-flush mount fixture.

Most large bedroom lights will provide ample light. Consider the number of lights on each ceiling fixture, and if the bulbs direct light up or down. Until recently, we could focus only on the total wattage of a fixture. Now, with LED and other more efficient options, we focus on total lumens. Installing a dimmer on your chandelier will allow you to manipulate the amount of light needed at different times of the day and for desired atmospheres.

Multiple Chandeliers: Yes, do it! Consider one above each bedroom table especially in a small room, to make extra space on the table.

Install dimmer switches on your chandelier. Dimmers are great for creating ambience and controlling the level of illumination for a more flattering light.



A chandelier helps lower the ceiling and is gorgeous reflecting its sparkle in the mirror, so will work particularly well if you have one of those tall/small half bathrooms.

If you are looking to make a statement and elevate the look of your room, a chandelier can be a great option for your bathroom renovation. Chandeliers can add an air of sophistication to many bathroom spaces because they are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and finishes.

If you have a grand bathing area, you can go with a grand chandelier. Use the shape of the room to guide you to the best chandelier option.

A small chandelier can work in a smaller bathroom, giving an appearance of a little jewellery on the ceiling.

Because chandeliers take up more space — physically and visually — than recessed lighting

they look best in bathrooms that are at least 9 square metres.

Think about increasing this to 14 square metres if the bathroom includes a freestanding tub, walk-in shower and multiple vanities.

Choose a small fixture rather than a large one in a smaller bathroom.

Before finalizing a design, you’ll want to confirm that the chandelier you choose and its placement meet local, state and national regulations.

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