How to Choose Correct South Sea Pearls Earring? 

South Sea pearls are available in an exclusive palette of shades and colors ranging from deep yellowish orange to pure bright white. The majority of large pearls are white, silver, and cream with overtones of blue, green, and rose. The golden-lipped oyster produces luxurious-looking golden pearls.

It takes almost 2 years for Pinctada Maxima to create golden-colored South Sea pearls. These are larger than the other pearl types including Akoya, freshwater, and even Tahitian. Philippines and Indonesia produce the majority of the golden pearls available in the market. As South Sea golden pearls are large and rare they are regarded as a fabulous luxury in the jewelry market.

How to choose correct South Sea pearls earrings? 

Pearl earrings can be worn on casual occasions, but during festive seasons these can flatter her outfit making her look distinguished and charming. If you wish to buy pearl danglers or studs, then here are some guidelines to help you choose an ideal pair.

  • Earring type

South Sea Pearl stud or drop earrings can look attractive when worn with an evening gown, at a special event. However, petite women can look more delicate wearing white-colored large pearl stud earrings. White pearls flatter all types of complexion. The golden-colored South Sea pearls are an epitome of elegance and opulence.

  • Color

Choose a pearl color that blends with your wardrobe and personality. White pearls can complement elegant and casual outfits. They even highlight women’s softness discreetly. White pearls are fine for semi-formal occasions, while the golden ones are ideal for formal attires. The latter makes her appear sophisticated and extravagance.

  • Personal style

Sophisticated women will find white pearl drop earrings with an intricate design very appealing. On the other hand, the golden pearls are for ladies with a bold approach, not afraid to grab attention in public.

  • Occasion 

Young girls appreciate simple pearl studs, while mature women prefer luxurious South Sea pearl danglers. If you are going for a birthday party or an anniversary celebration, choose a pair of earrings as per the context. Never be frightened to choose, a pair of pearls including shiny diamonds, especially when you will go to attend a night-time event.