How to choose necklaces according to the neckline?

Necklaces are one of the most versatile and accurate accessories when the desire is to give an up look or a change in a basic blouse. However, more than choosing a nice piece, it is important to clarify the importance of combining the ideal model with the type of neckline of the blouse or dress. The most important thing when choosing which necklace to wear is to observe the shape of the neckline. A tip: the piece must accompany the neckline and not hinder it.

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Hollow “U” collar

If you are a fan of necklaces with bulky pendants, bet on blouses or dresses with scooped “U” collar. The accessory will give a more sophisticated look to the simple neckline and make your look even more stylish.


One of the most elegant necklines is the V-neckline. For better combination, use necklaces in the same shape, as they become more visible and gain greater prominence. This type of model goes very well if you want to make your look sensual.

High collar

On colder days, what could be better than betting on a high collar to warm your neck, right? However, it is not because it is covered that it will be left out. For this type of neckline, bet on long necklaces or chains with pendants, despite being very delicate, it gives an extra shine to your look.

“U” collar

One of the most traditional neckline models, the “U” collar is present on most shirts today. If it is your favorite, it is best to use thicker round necklaces to give a greater emphasis to the neck area.

Neckline canoe

Ideal for a more stripped-down look, the canoe neckline and a long necklace are the perfect match. You can play in the models and sizes, especially if the clothes are of a single color, as this will leave the accessory in evidence.

Square neckline

If you want a more romantic and delicate look, the best choice are pieces with a square neckline. For this type of clothing, opt for chains with pendants or even angular necklaces. That way, your look will be even more elegant.

So, what type of neckline you have?