How to choose the best keywords for SEO?

Before buying any product, almost 50% of the buyers’ research about the product. So, if you do not use the right targeted keywords, your content will not get the desired rank in the Google search results. As a result, your users will not find you. Therefore, as suggested by the SEO company in Delhi, writing with the correct keywords is of great importance.

To choose the right and the best keywords for SEO, here is a renowned digital marketing agency in Delhi with some practical tips that you can follow:

  1. Conduct keyword research

Before you start researching the keywords to be used, you have to know what a keyword is. According to search engine optimization, keywords are those phrases and words that the user types in the search bar to look for a product or service.

If your target market is sizeable, you can hire a digital marketing agency to conduct this research on your behalf. In addition, several keyword research softwareshelp get to the best keywords that can be used for your content.

  1. Consider the search intent of the user

While you are busy researching for looking into the keywords, you ought to understand the user’s intention with which they search for a query. In search engine optimization, keywords are often divided into three categories – navigational, informational and transactional.

When a user wants to navigate to a web page, he uses the navigational keyword search. On the other hand, in the informational keyword, the user uses Google to arrive at a particular piece of information. Again, the transactional keyword means the user wants to purchase for which he is looking for the best product on the internet.

  1. Pay attention to the market competition

Since you have landed in the market, you ought to look into what your competitors are doing. One of the easiest ways to gauge what your competitors are doing is using the keywords in the Google search bar and seeing what pops up.

One of the first things that you need to do when measuring your competitor’s actions is taking a look at the ads. The paid adsi.e. pay per click ads will always be displayed on the top, followed by the sponsored ones. Secondly, check out those websites that are appearing organically on the first page of Google. Using the right keywords can push you to acquire a position amongst the top three search results on the first page.

  1. Chalk out your buyer’s journey

If you consider the journey a buyer treads, you will notice that no buyer buys a product right after listening about it. Instead, he goes through various stages, which can be called the buyers’ journey. In deciding about purchasing a product or service, a buyer roughly passes through three phases – awareness, consideration and decision.

In the awareness stage, the potential buyer understands that he has a problem resolved by buying a specific product. Then, in the consideration phase, the buyer realizes how the product can be used or whether the product will be beneficial to resolve his problem. Lastly, in the decision-making stage, the buyer concludes – whether to buy the product or not. Therefore, when writing content for your website, you have to use those keywords that the buyer uses to search for a product at different stages of the buyer’s journey.


Now that you can understand the importance o using the right keywords, you can apply the strategies mentioned above from the next time onwards. Also, it is the web pages that get ranking in search results and not the websites. Hence, use effective keywords in web pages.