How to Choose the Right Grout Colour

Ever wonder what makes our tiles look intact? It’s all thanks to grout! For new homeowners, grout is a foreign thing. For them, it doesn’t matter whether they choose a marble gum grout and an acrylic grout in Singapore. Anything will do as long as it does its job in keeping the tiles together. However, choosing the right kind and colour of the grout can make a lot of difference in one’s home interior. So, before ordering a few grout materials, make sure to think about the colour first. Would the colour match your tiles?

If it is your first time buying grout and you have no idea how to mix and match colours, then you have to come to the right place! In this article, we will discuss how to choose the right grout colour for those tiles.

A Guide for Choosing the Right Grout Colour

You may have recently bought a gorgeous set of glass tiles. However, you won’t be able to bring out their true beauty if you have chosen the wrong grout colour. So, before you start with the installations, take some time to read through these choosing tips:

  • Pair White Tiles with White Grout to Create a Spacious Look

If you want your small bathroom to appear bigger, then pair white tiles with white acrylic grout. Having a uniform style makes your toilet look more spacious.

However, if you want to achieve this type of style, you have to choose the right grout sealer. Some sealers could change the appearance of the grout once it’s applied. Although grout sealers don’t change the grout colour, it can make it appear darker.

Moreover, it is difficult to find a matching grout colour for the tiles. It’s because grout can change colour whenever there is too much water added to it. So, make sure to hire a professional when mixing the grout before putting it in between the tiles. With their help, rest assured that you would get the right grout colour that you want.

  • Use Dark-Coloured Grout to Make Light-Coloured Tiles Pop Out

You may want to veer away from the classic all-white tiles by using dark-coloured acrylic grout in white tiles. This works well if the tiles have a geometric shape. The dark grout will accentuate the unique geometric shape of the tiles. You could do this in bathrooms to make it look more creative and aesthetic.

Using a contrasting concept in tiles is called a subway style. This type of style is best applied in bathrooms and kitchens. Since these areas in the house often look boring and plain, it would be better to make them look livelier by applying a subway style. With contrasting colours, it makes a bathroom or the kitchen look more interesting and attractive. Plus, the dark colouredacrylic grout is easier to clean. This may be beneficial whenever you need to clean and get rid of the grime and growing mould in between the tiles.

  • For Black-Coloured Tiles, a Light-Grey Grout Will Do

If you want to do it the other way around, then choose a light grey grout for your dark-coloured tiles. Choosing grey over white will make your tiles appear softer. This is great if you do not want your floors and walls to look mismatched.

  • For Monochromatic Tiles, Choose a Matching Grout Colour

Monochromatic tiles are usually those that have a distinct texture. Since a lot is going on already on this type of tile, you may want to make them the centre of attention. If you want them to stand out, then make the grout colour look discreet. To do this, choose a grout colour that has the same shade as the monochromatic tiles.

Why Grouting Matters?

You might be wondering why you have to go through all the trouble of choosing the right type and colour of grout. Does it matter that you have to choose carefully between a marble gum grout and an acrylic grout? Aside from aesthetic purposes, what is the importance of grouting? Grout serves as the joints of your tiles. They fill in the gap in between your tiles to ensure no dirt would reach under the tiles. In simple terms, it makes the tiles stronger and lasts longer. You can rest assured that it will last for years to come! With this, you can save more money in the long run. No more frequent repairs and installations.

If you are wondering what are the available types of grout in Singapore, then here are some of them:

  • Sanded

It is the cheapest among all the grout types, and they come in many different colours. Thus, if you are on a budget, and you want to find a matching grout colour for your tiles easily, then you should go for sanded grout. The downside of using this is that it is not as strong as the other grout.

  • Unsanded

Meanwhile, unsanded grout is best used for tiles with narrow gaps. Moreover, it does not have a runny consistency, so it is ideal for grouting the walls. Example of this is an acrylic grout in Singapore.

  • Epoxy

Lastly, epoxy grout. This type of grout is the best among all the three. However, you may need the help of a professional when installing epoxy grout. It is because it dries quickly once you apply in between the tiles.

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