How To Choose The Right Water Feature For Your Custom Landscape Design

Who doesn’t love the beauty of clean water running over a stone and the sound of it babbling in their Utah landscape? Or maybe you have dreamed of owning an elegantly designed pond with a small waterfall? Well, if finding the right water feature for your landscape is something you are unsure about, you have come to the right place.

It may be hard to choose what size of water feature you want in your custom landscape design. Features such as a small pond tend to be more realistic because they are easier to maintain over the years, especially if you plan on doing most of the maintenance yourself. The pond’s size dictates the price it will be to construct, but maintenance costs will vary depending on the features you have. Other devices such as waterfall pumps add to cost and may need replacement parts or additional maintenance over the years.

A strategically placed fountain can be very soothing, add beauty and charm, and provide a water source on your landscape design for the birds. The type of fountain you can get is limitless. You could even place a fountain within a pond. Fountains with a lower fall will be quieter and have less splash factor involved than those with a higher fall.

There are various ponds and fountains styles out there. It is vital to choose one that goes with the look and feel of your home or business. If you were to have a roman style fountain in front of a Craftsman home or business, it might look out of place. A natural stone pond or waterfall would go great with this theme. Contemporary homes should choose cut marble or lighter colored stones for an elegant look, but ultimately the choice is up to you as the homeowner.

With water features offering various sizes and styles to select from, you may want to ponder about the positioning of your fountain. Not to be confused with placement, a taller water feature will add a towering sophistication and wow factor. In contrast, a low-level custom feature will add understated interest among flowers, foliage, and planters.

If something simple is the priority for your landscape design, then selecting a self-circulating custom water feature will allow you to install and start enjoying your fountain quickly and effortlessly. Certain fountains can be installed in interior and exterior settings and come ready to install with a pump and instructions. With no digging necessary, all you need is an electricity point and a few hours to set up. This method is truly one of the simplest ways to bring a custom water feature into your landscape without much work. Once completed, invite your friends and family, sit back, and relax to the calming sounds of your very own fountain.

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