How To Convert A PDF File To A Word Document 

In this modern era, everything has gone online. A whole other world runs online. To survive in this online era, one must know some basic tools which come in handy in day-to-day lives and make things easy for us. We all come across many document formats. PDF and Word being the two most common types. Both of them are universally accepted formats and have their pros and cons, respectively. 


Word is a powerful document editor. It is one of the most frequently used processors which is used to edit documents. It has tools that make editing so easy and allow us to format the document as we create it. Moreover, dealing with images is much easier in a Word file, but in a PDF file, the images are embedded, which makes it difficult to work with. Owing to its editing advantage, one must know how to convert PDF to Word. Read on to know how to convert a PDF file to a Word document. 

PDF to Word converters 

Many such editors are available online, which help in converting a PDF file to a Word document. With the help of these, we can effortlessly convert one file to another with the original content still intact. 


One such editor is PDFSimpli which helps to convert PDF to Word online. There are many such converters. Some are free of cost, while others are paid. Choosing the right PDF converter is imperative. You might want to look out for features such as convenience, ease of use, etc. If you are paying for it, choose a PDF converter that gives you the best value for money. 

Working of a PDF converter 

The PDF converters are simple and easy to use. The main aim of a PDF converter is to ease the process of conversion and make it accessible and convenient for the user. 

Converting PDF files into Word documents usually just takes a few clicks. Some converters allow you to export the file directly, and then you can save it. 


Accessibility is the key to the popularity of many PDF converters. You can convert PDF into Word on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. The converted Word file is easily editable, and you can edit it just like any other Word document. 

Editing after conversion 

While converting a PDF file to a Word document, the content stays intact, but the overall format can be a little messed up owing to the different orientations of both document types. Therefore you must edit your document properly. 


Line breaks, font size, etc., are the things to look out for while revising your document apart from the regular editing. You may also find some extra spacing between words, so you can use the Find And Replace option to rectify. Many PDF documents are scanned documents. While converting such documents, OCR is used. Now the OCR can miss some basic formatting, like bold and italics. It may also confuse uppercase and lowercase. All these things needed to be thoroughly checked and corrected.