How to Convert WMV Files into Mac-compatible Formats?

One of the most preferred video formats, even today on Windows devices remains to be Windows Media Video. This is the default media player of Windows devices. Hence, one can play WMV files on Windows devices without any challenges. But if you are going to play the same file format on a Mac device, you would have to install a WMV Media Player separately. You can also choose to convert the WMV files to other Mac compatible file formats like MOV or any other format. Since Mac devices aren’t designed to support WMV files, you have to install a WMV decoder first.

In this article, we have listed ways in which one can convert WMV files into Mac-compatible formats. We have also mentioned how to install an external WMV file player on your Mac device so that you can play WMV files without further challenges.

Converting WMV files using default media players

While converting WMV files to Mac compatible file formats like MOV, MP4, etc. you can use any inbuilt media player which is present in your Mac device. Your default media player would be able to play the WMV files, eliminating your need to install a 3rd party media player on your Mac device. The converted WMV files can also be shared from your Mac device to other Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple TV, etc. Playing WMV files using default media players is the best option to go for if you have a Mac device and love playing WMV files at the same time.

Installing an external media player for playing WMV files

To play WMV files on your Mac device in the best quality, you can consider installing a good quality third party multimedia player. In this case, one can install the Elmedia WMV player for Mac devices. Elmedia is one of the best multimedia players which is Mac compatible. It allows one to play both WMV and WMA files without requiring any other codecs and plugins. Elmedia Player also supports other file formats like MP4, AVI, MP3, MOV, and so on.

As you can see, you can convert and play WMV files on your mac device in two ways. Either you choose to use the default media player already present in your device or you can make third party installations to play WMV files in the best quality and enjoy additional benefits as well.