How to differentiate Hot and Cold Real Estate Market?

How do you decide when to buy or sell? When most people decide to sell or buy a home in FSJ real estate market very few stops to pick up the market temperature or wonder if the market is suitable for what they want to achieve. That is because most of the people think of their home as a place to live and not as an investment.

Real Estate Markets of Buyers

If you are considering buying a home, a buyer’s market is the best financial market in which to buy.  Why?  Because there are more  available for sale than buyers to buy them.  Buyers have more houses to choose from, which increases the odds that they will find the right house at the right price.    

In a cold real estate market, serious sellers are often ready to negotiate. This means you can probably buy a house for less than the list price. 

Buyer’s Market signs

Inventory is higher as compared to previous months/years.

More than six months of available inventory is on the market.

Comparable selling prices are higher than active listing prices.

Fewer buyers are buying, resulting in lower closed sales numbers.

The Median sales prices are declining.

Real estate advertisements are getting bigger.

For Sale signs tend to last longer, resulting in more days on the market as properties take longer to sell.

Real Estate Markets of seller

If you are a homeowner who wants to sell a home, then a seller’s real estate market is the best financial market in which to sell.  Why?  Because there are more buyers than houses available to buy.

In a hot real estate market, serious buyers are often willing to pay more than the list price. This means that you can sell your house quickly and possibly for more than you ask.  If your market is hot, you might be able to demand that buyers waive appraisals and inspections, although it’s always a good idea to let a buyer have a home inspection. Although the buyer always loves to inspect meyer mansion condos project details.

Signs of a Seller’s Real Estate  Market

Inventory is very less as compared to previous months/years.

It is less than six months of inventory is on the market.

Comparable selling prices are lower than active listing prices.

More buyers are buying, resulting in higher closed sale numbers.

Average sales prices are rising.

Real estate advertisement is getting smaller.

For sale, signs for a few days are associated with a pending or sold sign.

Neutral Real Estate Markets

Neutral real estate markets are balanced. Generally, interest rates are cheaper and there is an equal number of buyers and sellers in the market. The scales do not tip in either direction, meaning the market is normal without experiencing any volatile swings.

Signs of a Neutral Market

Inventory is normal as compared to previous normal months/years.

3-6 months of inventory is on the market.

Comparable sale prices are close to active listing prices.

Sales numbers have stabilized.

Average sales prices are flat.

Real estate advertising remains the same.

For sale, the signs are replaced with pending or sold signs within the time of 30 to 45 days.

If still, you are not sure what the current conditions are telling you?  Then this is the time that you should contact an expert in the market and consult within time.