How to Fight Stress in less than 10 minutes?

Here are some tips that will help you overcome stress and anxiety almost instantly. Currently, workplace problems and different personal issues can easily affect our inner peace and provoke many other concerns. Here are the best weapons to fight stress fast.

Breathe Correctly to Reduce Stress Instantly

No, it is not a myth! Breathing really influences stress and its symptoms. By simply taking a deep breath, you will calm down quickly. Retire to a quiet place, put one hand on your stomach and inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, counting to four. Then, exhale through your mouth, still counting to four. Feel the air entering your lungs, focus on the breath in your mouth. On the other hand, intermittent breathing is another effective way to get rid of stress and anxiety rapidly. So, if you are still wondering how to relieve stress fast and naturally, this breathing technique will help you calm down in only a few minutes.

Visualize Positive Things to Relieve Stress Fast

Visualization is also one of the best tools to fight stress and you can use it for any situation. You will most likely be able to lower your stress level by visualizing a place, whether real or imaginary, in which you feel completely good. The most important thing is not necessarily to see the images in your head, but to have the feelings of relaxation and well-being that this special place gives you. You can even perform this visualization exercise regularly for 5 minutes, even in calm moments. This will help the effects to go faster when you feel the need.

Walk with Full Awareness to Fight Stress Rapidly

As soon as you feel the stress coming, go outside to get some fresh air for 5 minutes or more. However, the exercise does not stop there because you will have to walk quietly by paying attention to all the sensations that stimulate your senses. For example, try to really feel the heaviness of your steps, the touch of the wind on your face, the song of the birds or even the small rocks on the sidewalk.

Doing Yoga against Stress

To chase the stress away instantly while you do not have the time to go outside, just stretch one arm after the other, keep your feet flat on the floor. The rest of your body does not have to move. Then, always stretch your arms and grab your chair with both hands. Do this yoga exercise for 5 to 10 minutes and you will feel much better.