How to Find the Right Conveyancer

Once you embark on the process of buying a house, one of the first issues you will have to address is how to find the right conveyancer.

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This can be a stressful period, and you will want a conveyancer or solicitor to deal with all the legal aspects of your sale or purchase and keep you updated on their progress.

This will involve preparing and examining contracts, undertaking local searches at the appropriate council, dealing with the change in registration of the ownership of the property, handling the funds associated with the sale and giving legal advice.

Quality Mark

You may choose a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer. If you opt for the former, you should choose one who is a member of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme, which is a recognised quality mark. Full details can be found at the Law Society’s website.

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Your lender or broker may be able to recommend a local conveyancer, as may the estate agent. If it is someone they work with regularly, this may be an expensive option, and it’s worth compiling your own list of professionals. There are online options which can cut costs, but you may prefer face-to-face interaction and dealing with the same person at each stage of the process.

Ensuring you have a good channel of communication will ease much of the stress associated with moving home. Check if your adviser has an electronic system which allows you to track progress, and make sure you have a second point of contact in case your principal contact is away from the office.


Costs will be a consideration, and this may be a fixed fee, an hourly rate or even a percentage of the purchase price. Get a number of quotes and ensure the final figure includes VAT. There will also be a schedule of other charges and disbursements covering bank transfer fees, Stamp Duty and searches as well as Land Registry Fees.

One of the steps your conveyancer will discuss with you is a comprehensive survey of the property, and this will represent another charge. Wherever you are looking to use a home buyers survey Kent, Sussex or Essex, you will find help online at sites such as

Choose your advisor carefully – it is a key role in avoiding pitfalls in the process and any associated frustration.