How to find the right Product Liability Lawyer

Finding the right Product Liability Lawyer

When someone has been injured by taking a prescription drug, or you using any type of product, sometimes the manufacturer or seller of the product itself is at fault?

If this is true, retaining an experienced product liability attorney can help you win a lawsuit against the seller or manufacturer. Knowledgeable and skilled attorneys will quickly help determine the possibility of receiving compensation for any injuries you have suffered. If they see you have a case, their job is to hold corporations accountable for their actions.

For example, one of the most recent cases surrounded a diabetes drug called Actos. Too many people taking the drug started to be diagnosed with bladder cancer. When they turned to product liability lawyers, they found that the Takeda pharmaceutical company was accountable for their illnesses, they received billions in compensation.

This is not the only example of a prescription drug that was marketed. and as being able to help people, when the opposite was true. When someone is injured as a consequence of taking a drug, they deserve to be compensated. But this is a complicated process, which makes finding a group of attorneys who are experts in product liability laws and have the knowledge and experience that it takes to win these cases so vital.

This is why people are turning to the experienced attorneys at the Dolman Law Group. They’re currently representing a group of plaintiffs in Zantac lawsuits, a drug that has been linked to numerous different cancers due to elevated levels of NDMA.

How to choose the Right Zantac Attorney?

When you’re looking for an attorney to represent you in a product liability lawsuit, you should consider several factors.


The length of time that an attorney has been practicing is essential. What’s more important is how long they have been working in this specific area of the law. What cases have they handled, and what results have they attained. You should also check with your state’s bar association, to ensure your attorney has a clean history when it comes to disciplinary issues.


I would love to say that all law schools are created equal, but this isn’t true. Knowing where your attorney went to school and what their specializations are is important. Where did they gain their knowledge and experience dealing with cases against pharmaceutical malpractice.? Are they involved in ongoing education and accreditation?

What is their field of expertise?

Do they have industry-specific experience when it comes to dealing with cases such as the Zantac case? Does your attorney specialize in any specific area of the law? Can they explain how the laws, in this case, apply to you? Do they hold any specialist credentials, do they belong to any associations? If you have any doubts, you can always contact your local bar association, and they will be able to indicate any attorney’s specific areas of expertise. Also, the American Bar association keeps the state by state referral directory for attorneys.

Choosing the right attorney with the knowledge and experience that you need can prove the difference between success and failure. Treat your lawsuit like a surgery, would you want to work with a surgeon who’s never done that type of operation before.