How to Hire the Right Signage Company

Signage form an integral part of any company’s branding strategy. The signage carries the message and the competitive positioning of the company to the last mile customer. Being the on-ground silent representative of the company, signage serves to outline and highlight the unique value proposition being offered by the company. Moreover, as per, signage serves as the point of information for the people regarding new product and service launched by the company.

Given the importance of signage, it is of utmost importance for the companies to hire the right signage company to ensure that their branding is effective and ultimately leads to more revenue. Following are some of the critical criteria against which a signage company should be evaluated:

  • Design and creativity  

A right signage company should be able to design creative and interactive signage which resonates with the public and the target audience. The signage company should come up with new designs which haven’t been used by the competitors to ensure that messaging feels like a breath of fresh air to the target audience.

Moreover, local knowledge and the ability to carry out market research should also be an essential criterion when hiring a signage company. In most cases, signage is installed for the local population. Hence on-ground knowledge regarding rules and regulation and local preference gives any signage company an edge. The ability to design and implement the signage scheme with a tinge of local flavour should also be kept in mind while hiring the signage company.

  • Financial stature and investment capacity 

Developing the right signage design and can take time and involves extensive R&D and market research. To accomplish these tasks, the signage company should have the financial wherewithal. Moreover, since the gestation period might be high, the signage company should have the reserves to keep the workforce and the design team intact. Gauging the financial strength of the given signage company under consideration is one of the essential criteria while hiring a signage company.

  • Assessing technological prowess 

With the advent of digital signage and revolutionary technologies like digital signage, signage with artificial intelligence-powered chatbots, machine learning algorithms, the whole concept and application of signage has undergone tremendous change. Now signage is not only used for passive advertising but also used extensively for data collection and consumer engagement. Digital signage can be upgraded on a real-time basis and hence can be aligned with the changing preferences of the customers in real-time.

Hence while hiring a signage company, proper assessment of the technological prowess and capabilities should be done. A signage company should be able to design and implement digital signage strategies, holistically and comprehensively. This could be assessed based on the human resource available with the signage company, or the experience and record of the signage company. In essence, technological capabilities play a significant role while deciding to hire a signage company.

  • Revenue sharing and profit-sharing agreements 

Signage companies have a different fee, charging models. Some charge an upfront fee while others charge a fee-based in the business generated. Some signage companies provide the maintenance of the signage over a given period and hence charge their price accordingly. Therefore, while hiring a signage company, it is imperative the fee structure is decided. It is crucial to maintain the signage for a given time. Hence ideally, the signage company which is being hired should be tasked for not only installing the signage but also maintaining the signage to ensure that the signage is functional for a given period.

Another factor would post installations services. One a certain number of signage are installed; a company might want to invest more signage based on the growing business needs. In such a case, the signage company given the increased volume of work should charge less. So, while hiring a signage company, it is imperative that the cost structure is discussed and it should be mutually beneficial for all the parties.

Signage companies are akin to business partners. They execute the core branding activity for any company and hence selecting the right signage company could be a tremendous competitive advantage as it would boost the company’s brand image to a great extent.