How To Install a Manual Garage Door

You may be looking at your current garage door or at your brand new home garage and thinking that it is time to get a door or to get a new door on the garage. However, labor for installing a new garage door can be pretty outrageous and can really cause you to go over your budget. You decide that you can find out how to install the garage door on your own to save money, but when you start to do the work you find that installing a garage door is not nearly as easy as installing a regular door is. Installing a whole garage door is hard work, and it is also dangerous. If you get a manual garage door instead of an automatic one, the process will be easier as manual doors are not as heavy and it will not require you to know how to hook up cables or motor.

Manual doors are easy to repair as there are not many working, moving parts to it, and they are often more securely installed as well. As they are often more secure and do not open without a key, they are often more secure and add an additional safety feature to your home to keep people from breaking in. Though installing a manual garage door is a lot of work and can be very difficult, it is not impossible. Below is everything you need to know when you go to install a manual garage door.

Tools you will need:

In order to get the manual door put up, there will be a few tools that you need to get out before you can start. You need a portable drill, open-ended wrench, a hex wrench, and a torsion spring system. This should be all you need to get started on your door attachment, though it is important to look at the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure there is nothing you are missing on the specific door that you have.

Step 1.) Brackets

The first step to attaching your garage door is to find the flag brackets that are at a horizontal angle. The flag brackets in question will be attached to the door jamb. You will then get the torsion tubs and springs and attach them to the brackets that were just attached.

2.) Start to measure

The next step is to locate the spring release and measure its length

3.) Locate the torsion tube

As mentioned above, the torsion tube will get attached to the brackets. It is then important to make sure that the screws are tightened properly so the tube does not shift off of the door.

4.) Secure the drums

For the next step of New Garage Door installation fort worth tx, grab the two side drums. First, you will secure the left side drum and then secure the right side drum. Make sure you do each side drum one at a time so they get put on the right way.

5.) Tube retainers

After the side drums, you will then attach the tube retainers securely.

6.) Wind it all up

After everything is attached and all of the components are put together on the door, you will then pick the door up and wind the spring so that the door raises and lowers as it is supposed too.

If you do not often do a lot of DIY projects, then New Garage Door installation fort worth tx is probably not the best idea as that can be a lot to take on. The installation of a manual garage door is certainly possible to do on your own with a lot of work, but it might be best to leave it to a professional if that type of project is new to you.