How To Introduce A New Software Feature In An Engaging Manner?

Any product whether a software or app has to keep reinventing itself to adapt to the changing user sensibilities and expectations. A new feature should have qualities like – ability of solving a problem that could not be solved earlier and of engaging more customers by catering to their needs not covered earlier. It can be a big risk for the product when the product development manager has not done the homework regarding how to introduce it. So, here are some proven ways of introducing new software features:

  1. Introduce it in the most watched section: The correctness of location is more likely to catch the attention of the users. So, introducing it in menu bar or as an alert message under notifications can be an effective way of encouraging users to try it once. A click by the user is half the battle won. Simplicity takes you long way after reaching this stage.
  2. Make it extremely simple to use: Any feature should not demand more than a few clicks to complete the process it is intended for. So, do the research thoroughly on delivering the feature exactly as per user expectation. With an able feature adoption software, you can intimate the user about its utility and impact.
  3. What’s new for you’ announced well in advance: When you intend to include a new feature, use creative ways to announce its inclusion. Some copies can tell straightaway about the solution which was not available to the user till now. It can be a diversification of business announcement too. Feature adoption software makers first understand the impact and then design the tool accordingly to ensure that announcement is well received.

Be clear, proactive and reasonably excited about the new feature when you introduce it in the software. Your curiosity to serve the audience better should reflect in the introductory message. This helps in achieving personalized approach while introducing the feature – some advice worth considering!