How to keep your self-storage unit contents safe and secure

When you have extra belongings, renting a storage unit is common if you don’t have storage space within your current residence. And, one of the last things you want to ever wake up to, is a phone call from the storage facility telling you that you’ve been robbed, or your contents are missing. You also don’t ever want to show up to open your unit and see that your lock has been broken.

So, how do you trust your self-storage facility to keep your contents safe?

Ask about their security measures

One way to keep your mind at ease is to ask the self-storage facility what their current security measures are and how they monitor their units. If you’re still not comfortable with their solution or answers, then this may not be the facility you want to rent from.

You can also ask if they have insurance and what is covered under their insurance policy

As a self-storage tenant, it will be important to have insurance on your unit, so you keep the contents of your unit secure. Facility owners will also have insurance and unless you ask, you may not realize that your unit contents are not part of their coverage plan.

DIY your security by purchasing a secure lock for your unit

While it might sound obvious, purchasing a lock that has multiple reviews and is known for being secure is a good investment – regardless of costs.

It’s more important to spend money on an expensive lock than have your items be stolen and your insurance company does not cover the cost of replacement because you skipped out on paying for a secure lock.

Don’t give out your unit key or lock code

This may also sound obvious but it’s important you do not store or put your code lock or unit key in a place where others can easily access it.