How To Make Your Children Feel Special This Holiday Season

Kids are gifts from above. While this year may be different from the previous holiday celebrations we’ve had, being in their company during these unsteady times is already enough reason to be thankful. And for this alone, parents all the more compelled to make their children feel happy and special during this season. From jazzing up your home with customized kids ornaments to preparing their fave holiday meals, here are 10 ways you can do so.

Decorate your home together. This activity can strengthen your bond while setting the mood for the holiday season. To make things special, you can ask them for their ideas and suggestions — and dedicate a special space you can decorate with personalized kids ornaments.

Kick-off a new holiday tradition. This year seems to be filled with different unfortunate events. To help them remember 2020 in a positive light, you can use this time to start a new holiday tradition — from making DIY holiday decorations to as simple as watching a holiday classic.

Hold a holiday game day. Most kids enjoy participating in games. Despite being busy with your work-from-home routine or with doing household chores, make time for them for a holiday game day.

Dress up. Changing from the usual everyday clothes to a holiday-themed costume of their choice is enough to make youngsters feel special and more confident about themselves. You can even create a skit and let your little one play the main character.

Create holiday cards. Buying your children customized kids ornaments is a unique way to express your love. Another way of doing so is by writing your feelings out on a holiday card. You can also teach them how to create their own holiday cards — and in the process, instill in them the wonderful art of writing.

Bake something. Treat your children to a sweet reward by baking their favorite holiday goodies. And to create a stronger bond, you can also enlist their help during the baking process.

Send out homemade treats to neighbors and friends. To make your baking time more meaningful, you can prepare extra sets of goodies and dole them out — safely — to your neighbors. You can also ask your kids if they want to send some goodies to their friends. In the process, you can teach them the importance of sharing what you have with others.

Surprise them with a gift. Is there something your kid has long been asking for? Now’s the perfect time to give it to them as your holiday present.

Give thanks over a warm meal. For your holiday dinner, add your kid’s favorite meal to your menu. And don’t forget to utter a prayer of thanks before enjoying your food.

Donate to charity. For parents, teaching their children great values and virtues is one of the best ways of showing their love and care. This holiday season, you can impart the lesson “It is better to give than to receive” by involving them in your donation project.