How to pack and transport cleaning supplies when moving

When moving from one home or apartment to the other, it isn’t always necessary to place each and every one of your cleaning supplies in your survival kit for the first night. Some will have to be packed away for the move to the new place.

Continue reading to learn how to pack and move your cleaning supplies safely and efficiently.

Collect Supplies

Gather the following items to pack your supplies:

  • Moving box
  • Garbage bag or plastic covering
  • Permanent marker
  • Packing tape

Start packing

Once you have all your moving and packing supplies ready to go, begin to pack the products. Use the following guidelines:

  • Reinforce the moving box. Prior to packing cleaning supplies, secure the bottom of the moving box with packing tape to ensure it does not fall or break open while transporting it.
  • Line the box interior. Use a garbage bag or mover’s plastic to line the inside of the box. This will stop leakage in the event cleaning supplies are damaged and spill during transit.
  • Pack everything. Once the inside is lined, put the cleaning supplies in the moving box. For powdered cleansers without a lid, tape close exposed holes with packing tape before setting them inside the box.
  • Close the plastic/bag. Wrap the garbage bag or plastic liner close around the cleaning supplies to stop spillage from damaging the rest of your possession during the move.
  • Secure the box top. After the supplies are placed inside, close the top of the box and reinforce with packing tape.
  • Label the box. To make sure the box is not lost or misplaced, label the box with its contents and its intended location in your new place.

Don’t use valuable time packing expired cleaning supplies. Sort old supplies before you begin the process of packing. Dispose of them in a safe and regulated manner, or contact a garbage removal service for help.

Hire professional movers

Not up to doing the work yourself. Secure the services of movers (like Castle Rock moving company) who will do it for you. The one  downside: not all cleaning supplies may be allowed on the moving truck due to the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act.

When preparing for relocation, take note of which dangerous household goods can be moved, and which cannot.

Moveable cleaning supplies include commercial products used to clean your home such as Ajax and Windex.

If you do your own packing, these items must be put in a separate box and labelled: “Consumer Commodity – Dangerous Goods Exempt”. This box must also be singled out to movers before they load it

Non-moveable cleaning supplies include household chemicals, bleach, peroxide, disinfectants, and cleaning fluids like ammonia

We suggest transporting these supplies separately in your own car. You can also dispose of them before your move (see the directions on the bottle or call your local landfill).

Never throw away chemicals by pouring them down the drain, on the ground, in a sewer grate or throwing them out with your everyday trash. For assistance, see the help of a junk removal company.