How to Prepare for Hiking and Backpacking Trips

Do you have any pairs of trail and hiking shoes? If yes, it means you enjoy hiking and backpacking. If not, it explains why you never enjoy it despite loving it.

Another thing that might make you uninterested in hiking and backpacking is failing to prepare prior to your trip. If you could prepare yourself a few weeks before, you will notice how your travels will change for the better. Below, we look at five ways to prepare for hiking and backpacking trips.

1. Exercise

Being unfit is one of the reasons you might not enjoy hiking. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is get into shape. You can hire a fitness expert to guide you through exercises and meals.

The expert will tell you what to do and at what time. If your body feels so tight, you cannot start with complex exercise. Instead, the fitness trainer will guide you through simple to complex practices as your body adapts.

If you cannot afford a fitness trainer, do cardio. Walk around your estate or nearby park and back. Start with short distances and graduate to hilly parts of your neighborhood.

You also need to stretch and strength train. This prepares the muscles for your trip.

2. Organize Your Gear

If you already have hiking and backpacking gear, take them out of storage. Confirm whether the equipment is in good condition, dust it, and replace what you need to.

Designate a place in your house and lay out your hiking gear. You can use a beginner’s guide to hiking and backpacking to help you organize your items. Remember to put different things in their respective categories so that you do not leave out any essential gear.

You should write down the things you need to buy. It is advisable to purchase items as early as possible in case you need to break in some.

3. Purchase and Break in Your Hiking Shoes

If you are wearing a new pair of trail and hiking shoes, you cannot wear them for the first time during your hike. You must break them in to prevent getting blisters and painful feet. Walk around your neighborhood wearing your hiking shoes before taking them to the wilderness or rough course.

4. Find Ideal Hiking Trails

There are many hiking trails you can take. But, you cannot take all of them at once. Therefore, you need to research and find one that appeals most.

You can join social media groups related to hiking and backpacking. Alternatively, you can find blogs that review various trails, Google, or ideal courses on Pinterest.

5. Make a Bucket List

You must have something you want to achieve during backpacking. Write these down as prompts. You can even create a separate list of things you want to do with your friends and by yourself.

You might not be able to achieve the whole bucket list. But, having one guides you towards optimal fun.


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