How to Prepare for Your Annual Check-Up

Annual physicals are critical in preventing health complications and illnesses or catching them early before they get worse. Primary care physician Syed Abrar, MD, offers an annual physical in Houston and regularly recommends that everyone go for health and wellness check-ups. It provides a chance to monitor your health and discern any symptoms of concern before serious complications can arise. A complete physical exam is complex and requires adequate preparation. Several tests can be involved, and you ought to be ready and equipped yourself with relevant information concerning your health. Here are ways you can get set for your appointment.

Gather Information

This is a critical part of preparing for an annual physical exam as it involves gathering all relevant information concerning your health. Evaluate how you have been, and note down any medical facts you might have attained. If it is your first exam, you will have to collect all your medical and family history. Include any treatments you may have or are currently undergoing and any concerning symptoms you might be experiencing. Also, it is good to have a list of all the providers you may have interacted with for different treatments if your doctor wants to refer to some history. Do not forget to note down any medications you may have used or are currently taking.

Ready Yourself to Open Up

An annual physical exam demands you give accurate information concerning your health. Therefore, it is essential to be ready to open up to your doctor openly, even for sensitive matters involving your lifestyle choices. Note that your doctor can ask you some personal questions to understand your symptoms better. Put in mind that your provider is a professional highly trained to offer a non-judgmental and safe environment for anyone to feel free to open up and feel comfortable speaking honestly for an accurate diagnosis.

Update Your Family History

You might have your family history for the past year, but it is good to investigate if there could be any new additional information. Do not forget to note if any of your family members have developed a certain condition recently, as it will help your provider assess your risks for the complications. To ensure nothing passes you by, you have to consult your close relatives, even those who might not be near you. Any diagnosis of cancer, stroke, diabetes, or heart disease should be noted.

Note Down Specific Concerns

If you are currently encountering health concerns or need some clarifications, it is good to note them down before going for your appointment. It will help you remember everything in your doctor’s office. You can also make a list of sensitive questions you might want your provider to address and might be difficult to ask verbally. Retain that it is your doctor’s job to answer any concerns you might have about your health.


If you are going for your first annual exam, it would be helpful to take some time to research what to expect. But if you have been going for the annual exams, you probably know what you can expect from your appointment. Ensure you understand the entire exam so you can get ready adequately. Your provider might have to take some tests, and you ought to be ready for the tests.

Knowing the status of your health is crucial to understanding how to improve or maintain good health. Reach out to Fulshear Medical Associates today for your annual physical examination consultation appointment to understand what you can expect and how to get ready. This is the way to ensure you lead a quality and healthy life.