How To Promote Your Product On Instagram

Want to learn how to sell and grow a business on Instagram? Then you are on the right page. Businesses have turned towards Instagram to explore and reach out better. Instagram has helped multiple small and big businesses to gain more traffic and sales over the years. Promoting products on Instagram requires you to focus on audience preference and ease. It has been stated that maximum purchase that happens online is influenced by what people saw online on Instagram. Hence placing your products to enhance their visibility is quite important.

What exactly should you do to promote your product and services on Instagram? Here are certain measures you should take to great results and grow your business:

Check the vitals of your profile:

Whenever you come across a product, you would of course want to surf more about the seller and genuineness of the sale. The first thing anyone would open up before initiating a purchase is your business profile. In order to reach better and get more traffic and sales, assure that your profile looks authoritative and trustworthy. Put up a profile picture of your brand logo to help people identify you. Write a well-crafted bio that introduces your business and yourself. Make sure you include link to your website and contact details so that your customers can reach out to you better. Also make sure the aesthetics of your posts are appealing and coordinate to grab attention.

Use Instagram ads to reach better:

Instagram ads are the best way to reach a wider audience. If you have a business account on Instagram you can easily use Instagram ads to promote your product. Just choose the amount of hours and budget that you can invest and Instagram will provide you plan’s. Through Instagram ads the app itself pulls people with similar interests and brings in traffic to your profile. You can even convert your posts into ads by clicking on promote and Instagram will display in the ads section as an advertisement. Use the Instazoom tool to promote your business on Instagram. As, it will help you to do budget optimization.

Create stories with product links:

Stories are the maximum viewed content on Instagram. Planning stories to target an audience is the best strategy. Putting up your best content and offers on stories with product or website links helps people directly land onto your profile and website. Also this enhances interaction on your profile per click. Add in the swipe up option to direct users to reach your page.

Build a shoppable Instagram feed to start selling:

People usually just post pictures of their products with a little description. This is not all, in order for you to reach out better; your profile should be shoppable. For this you can use Instagram’s shopping feature. This shopping feature enables you to hook products for sale onto your personalized shopify page and users can easily place an order from here. This helps your profile become an easy to shop place and attracts more traffic and sales.

Establish partnership with influencers:

Influencers have a deep impact on their audience. Moreover the popularity of these influencers helps you build trust amidst your customers. People tend to believe people more than they would believe an ad. Hence partnering with these influencers helps you capture the trust of the audience and this way they are more likely to shop from you.