How to Reduce E-Waste in Your Business?

While technology has taken over most of our lives, it’s easy for large business organizations to produce more waste than any household does in a year. 

Why Should You Reduce E-Waste?

Because electronic devices are hugely made up of toxic heavy metals of which are cadmium, mercury, beryllium, and lead that contaminate plastics including chemicals, such as brominated flame retardants. These can have a huge impact towards an otherwise healthy planet causing harm to both – humans and the environment. 

As a result, e-waste needs to be minimized; mainly due to resource conservation and the huge sources of energy it can take up for manufacturing alone. 

Hiring a professional waste management service to handle your waste and recycling needs can be a good alternative but most importantly you need to be mindful of what you will be disposing of; especially if you’re a large company where excessive machine accessories are bought and utilized on a recurring basis. We offer the best Trade waste services in Leeds so that you can get rid of trade waste by professionals.

Here are a few ways you can do to make things a little easier.


  • Be a Responsible Consumer 


When computers, mobiles, printers and other electronics are discarded from your workstation, not all are properly recycled. Most of them are disposed of in landfills eventually emitting toxic chemicals from the waste contaminating the natural environment as well as the water that is consumed. 

That said, environmentally friendly electronics, reminders and colour coding waste bins displayed in the office, or initiating the necessary resources/tools for the employees to practice the art of recycling comprehensively can help solve your company’s waste cost and issues. 


  • Donate Used Electronics to Social Causes


Keep track of the lifespan of each electronic item and when you feel it’s time to move it away from your possession (if still in good functional condition), you could donate them to social enterprises who would appreciate your contributions and may transform these used goods to those in need.


  • Maintain What Is Currently Available


Usually, active office spaces are overwhelmed by a tangled mess of power strips, plug points, cords, and random accessories spilling from table to the floors and other surface areas belonging to those electronic devices. Furthermore, these devices are very vulnerable to damage, dust and debris collection as device ports including the back of some monitor screens contain tiny spaces, exposed pins, and holes. In order to prevent being clogged by penetrated dirt which can get into the machines through these open spaces, small steps like cleaning/organizing your system regularly can go a long way with helping to keep up with durability instead of having to start over fresh.