How to Save Money on Medical Bills

Americans are projected to spend more than $4 trillion on medical expenses in 2020.

That’s trillion with a “T.”

And don’t expect that number to fall anytime soon. It will actually go up in 2021. But there are a few things that are in your control when it comes to reducing healthcare costs.

Direct Primary Care is one of the newest options to help keep costs low. There’s probably a DPC office near you in American Fork, UT. Here are a few easy ways to save money on medical bills in the upcoming year.

Don’t Miss Your Well Exams

Many people don’t see their doctor until there is a problem. But regular well exams are essential as they help catch any issues before they get serious. Visiting your doctor yearly or as needed if you have more health concerns saves you money by avoiding larger medical problems that require specialists, hospital stays or surgery.

Direct Primary Care can save you tons of money by allowing you plenty of access to a primary care physician by appointment, online, or text. DPC is available in American Fork, UT and many other cities.

Use Direct Primary Care

Since seeing your primary care physician is so important, why not make that as easy as possible? With DPC, you pay a low monthly fee for unlimited doctor visits. Patients save money by cutting out the insurance middlemen.

Doctors can charge lesser rates as their staff doesn’t have to deal with the complications of traditional health insurance companies.

Avoid Emergency Visits

Sometimes emergency care is vital. But frequently, smaller health issues can be dealt with at your primary doctor’s office at a fraction of the price. Making an appointment rather than showing up at urgent care, or worse, the E.R. saves a great deal of money and time.

Additionally, if you have a real emergency and need to get to the hospital, have someone drive you rather than riding in an ambulance. That trip alone may cost you $1,000!

Be sure to use an affordable doctor such as a Direct Primary Care physician to keep healthcare costs as low as possible.

Use Generic Medicine

When filling prescriptions, always ask for the generic brand of drug. Generic drugs are just as effective as their name brand counterparts, at a fraction of the price. Some medications are free with specific insurance plans at major retailers such as Target, Kroger or Costco.

Many people in American Fork and surrounding areas can save thousands of dollars a year by utilizing generic medicine. Your Direct Primary Care doctor will undoubtedly help you save money with prescriptions.

Check Your Bill Carefully

Medical bills can be long and complicated, but don’t just whip out your credit card. Anytime you face large statements, such as for a surgery or hospital stay, ask for an itemized bill. Mistakes do happen, and sometimes there is a disconnect between nursing staff or departments within the hospital.

A thorough look at your bill will help weed out any obvious mistakes, and speak up if you see a discrepancy. For instance, occasionally, patients get charged for taking medicine that they brought from home rather than received from the facility.

Those looking for simple healthcare with no questions about billing should try Direct Primary Care. You can’t get any more transparent than DPC!

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Lastly, the best way to save money on healthcare expenses is to stay as healthy as possible. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, limiting sugar and excess calories to maintain a healthy weight will go a long way towards avoiding medicine, surgery and long-term health issues.

It’s also vital to get daily exercise to stay fit and limit pounds that creep on as we age. Being active can also help with flexibility, to avoid falls and possible sprains and breaks.

Your Direct Primary Care physician is happy to work with you to create a healthy lifestyle plan, saving you money on medical bills.

Healthcare costs may be skyrocketing, but a few simple actions will help keep things affordable. Be sure to utilize your primary care doctor, such as at Direct Primary Care in American Fork, to stay as healthy as possible and save money on medical bills.

Zenith Direct Care provides a low cost alternative to traditional health insurance to many Utah citizens.