How to select the best Lean Six Sigma Institute in India

There are many institutes for a six sigma course, but you need to select based on key-factors such as, (not an exhaustive list)

  • Program Content and Program duration, for example this needs to be atleast 50+ hours for a green belt level program and only leading institutes for Six Sigma in Delhi like ProSigma ( offer such parity with accepted global standards like IASSC.
  • Instructor Experience, this is a “practiced field” and not a theoretical field so go with institutes with instructors who are from the industry background and not teaching only type faculty.
  • Post Program Support offered,
  • Whether Capstone Projects are available with the program,
  • What extra resources are available for students (Online Varsity Models are a plus),
  • Finally, you need to check the pricing for the program,
  • You also need to take care and go for a Lean Six Sigma certification (most institutes in India offer six sigma with Lean) this is because many Industry best, process improvement models are encapsulated in Lean…,

Leading institutes offer excellent duration and content with a complete Online Varsity models with deep study content for students from question banks, quizzes and mock exam simulations, online certificates to link your certificates on platforms like LinkedIn etc.)

Now, also there are different levels for lean six sigma, here is a very basic idea of various levels in the lean six sigma model to help you out along with where you can get these from:

Lean Six Sigma White Belt: Intro level designed more as a power packed brochure and intro for stats, lean tools and for Lean Six Sigma Methodology in general. Knowledge is Power, can be done by anyone. You can get free lean six sigma white belt certification via ProSigma (@prosigmaindia).

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt in India (available online): Ideal Basic program, with not a full DMAIC coverage, but enough basic stats, lean tools and knowledge to become a process improvement team member.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt in Delhi NCR (also available online): Mid-Level program, with a full DMAIC coverage, high stats usage and lean tools knowledge to become a process improvement team member and lead small projects. 1-2 years of experience in quality domain is welcome, but not a prerequisite.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in Delhi: Advanced program, full DMAIC coverage, excellent stats and lean tools, knowledge to become a process improvement team leader. 3–4 years of quality exp. or 1–2 years green belt exp. is desirable.

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt in India: Expert program, full DMAIC coverage and more, Leading and Understanding business, stats and lean tools deep knowledge to lead a process improvement group. 3–4 years of exp. with black belt, publications, blogging and project exp. must have to do this.

Finally do a comparison yourself and decide. If you do decide to go for ProSigma, there are these additional reasons you can consider …, these are reasons why ProSigma gets selected as the go to destination for Lean Six Sigma Certifications and Business Excellence Consultancy in India.

A ProSigma Acronym


  • Passion for Quality: We are truly passionate about quality, and entered the area of Lean Six Sigma Trainings in India as we saw a large gap in Global Industry Standards vs. the training being provided We pride ourselves in our Professional Experience and approach, whether it be our highly interactive lean six sigma workshops designed using Bloom’s taxonomy, to encourage “analysis” and “creativity” or our unique SPARTANTM methodology for a sure footed approach to business excellence.
  • Real Learning: Master software easily by “Real Work Simulations”, and learn Minitab, Excel for Stats, Mind-Mapping and Flow-Charting for Free with Green Belt onward
  • Online Resources: ProSigma’s Online Varsity Model provides students with Free Resources accessible for Lifetime, such as Simulated Exams and
  • Solid CV: Our Certification is Globally Valid, Issued for Lifetime, Online Verifiable, and has the ability to be shared freely via a public link, on any online platform such as
  • Interactivity is the Key: Our “Maximum Practicals to Reinforce Theory” approach Increases your Competency as you learn Smart Tools, Techniques and Management Best Practices used across industries. The methodology of “Don’t just learn, Experience Lean Six Sigma” is core to all our
  • Grow Fast: Not just individual careers, but we also enable Organizations reach the Next Level of Performance and Quality, with quick-wins and benefits from our Customized Corporate Trainings with value added content and techniques per the specific niche/domain. Organizations also benefit from our Business Excellence
  • Managers to Leaders: We create Quality Leaders who can truly grasp key concepts of strategic quality, and help you reach the next level in your career. Don’t just get a certificate, become experts in Lean and Stats and lead from the
  • Aim for Perfection or Aim to Please?: Whether you are a valued corporate customer or just a first time student you will notice our professional approach in everything that we While some may think it is an aim to please, whether it’s our detailed niche specific research, or quality planning/reporting, or when we give extra hours with our after program support, it is really only being done as we strive for perfection, and if you are pleased by it, it makes our day too.

Hope this helps.