How to Sell a Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer inspections play an important role in helping to detect potential problems and ensure the sewer system performs optimally. Today, a good number of plumbers rely on a sewer camera inspection to identify the cause of sewer line backups and help homeowners avoid expensive repairs.

In addition to knowing how to sell a sewer camera inspection to your clients, you should also rely on a professional commercial plumbing supply store for quality equipment.

Determine the condition of pipes

Using a sewer inspection camera is the best solution for determining the condition of pipes to ensure proper preventive maintenance. For instance, if one homeowner report patches of water in their yard, the device can help to identify tiny leaks and pipe damage before the problem becomes bigger.

Accurate diagnostic procedure

One of the benefits of this technology is that it allows your customers to see a real-time feed from the camera pushed through the pipeline. They will be able to see what is causing problems and its location regardless of the number of turns it takes to get there. Your customers will also have a reference video showing the condition of the pipes, for their own use as well as for insurance purposes.

Eliminates unnecessary digging

The trenchless technology eliminates the need to excavate the whole yard since the camera is pushed through the pipes. This maintains the property in pristine condition while still making it possible to find leaks and obstructions.

Reduced labor costs

In the past, plumbers relied on a trial and error process to inspect sewer pipes and find where problems were located. With a sewer camera, plumbers do not have to excavate the yard or assemble heavy machinery, a factor that results in lesser labor costs.

Time efficiency

The no-dig solution means that you will spend less time doing the inspection. You will also save time carrying out repairs and replacing various components. In the end, you can do a final video inspection to establish whether everything is in place.