How To Set Up A Simple Birthday Table

To set up a simple birthday table, creativity is your main ally. In addition to serving to place the birthday cake, it is the center of attention at the party and is in a prominent place.

Here are some items to set up your table, you can also visit website for more information:


The first point is to think about the structure of the table. If you have a large table at home, whether wood or glass, leave it separate to serve as a table for the cake. Next to this, separate a towel different from the ones that will cover the guests’ table. It can be in the same material, EVA, but in a different color, or even a unique cloth towel you have at home.

Cake And Sweets Holder

Now that you have that, it’s time to think about the support that will be the base for the sweets and the cake. There is support to buy and even rent party houses. It is worth investing in a decoration kit if you have small children or tend to have parties. Opt for wooden structures and neutral colors matching various themes and decorations.

Glass Jars

Glass jars and bottles are key pieces for the decoration of a simple party. You can use them as a support for weathervanes and balloons and even fill them with confetti or pebbles that will give a unique color to the table. Now that you have an idea about party decor, it’s time to get to know some food ideas to serve on a simple birthday.

What To Serve On A Simple Birthday?

To please your guests without spending too much on No School Day Camps for Kids in Arlington Heights IL for example, opt for traditional foods that are simple to make. So, you can take a chance in the kitchen yourself. 

See some of them below:

Traditional Snacks And Sweets

Traditional sweets and snacks are present on most birthdays, whether it’s a children’s party, teenagers’ or adults. 

Coxinha, pastries, kibbeh, kiss and two loves are champion options to please most palates. 

Hot Dog

The hot dog is another dish that brings effective memories to adults, is popular with children, and is affordable. Research the price of sausage, sauce, seasonings, potato straws, and bread to save on the market. 

Savory And Sweet Pies

Another option to serve on a simple birthday is to invest in savory and sweet pies. Look for recipes on the internet and try them out before the day of the party. This way, you can plan and prepare something delicious without spending a lot. Chicken, vegetable, chocolate, or fruit pies are good choices. 


The cake is the protagonist on the menu of a party. To spend less, test recipes and look for references with family and friends. If one of your acquaintances is famous for making a special cake, ask them to be responsible for the item. Help him by buying the ingredients and ordering in advance. If you’re good in the kitchen, make your cake. If you have few guests, another idea is to invest in cupcakes instead of big cakes.

So, calculate on average how many cupcakes are needed by the number of guests and decorate your table with these unique sweets.