How to study Chemistry: 5 techniques to make it easy

Chemistry is the scientific study of various substances and elements and what happens to them in different conditions when mixed. Class 11 is a critical academic year in every student’s life as it builds the foundation for the 12th grade. Chemistry is one such subject that requires repeated practice. Class 11 chemistry consists of complicated chapters that a student has to prepare. These questions are extensively based on the chemical formulae and the reactions that are hard to remember

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Students might face difficulty in solving a question that requires advanced chemical formulas. The  provide detailed answers to all the questions from the NCERT pattern. 

Below are the five techniques to make Chemistry easy:

  • Do not miss your lab

It is essential to not miss out on the practical. They are an integral part of the curriculum. You get to know the chemical properties and get in contact with numerous chemical substances. Labs are the visual practice of the words that the student studies. Class 11 chemistry solutions have all the important formulae, reactions etc. 

  • Try to understand than memorize

Chemistry is a subject that is divided into two main substances. One is inorganic chemistry, and the other is organic chemistry. The students should focus more on the core concepts of the subject. The student should try to understand and memorize the concepts instead of just mugging up. 

  • The mind map is the key.

The mind map is the easiest way to study chemistry. Once the student is aware of the topics, he should create a strategy of which topic to cover first and which to cover last. Mind map are a visual representation of any topic or chapter, or concept you are learning.  

This is a very easy and fast way to learn any subject. It has benefitted many students immensely. It is a very interesting approach. This way, the students will be able to learn all the topics in a regimented way. Class 11 chemistry solutions provided by Extramarks also have the proper weightage of all the chapters and how many hours to dedicate to which chapter. 

  • Work more on the areas you lag in

Some students might be good at organic while some might be good at inorganic. Each student has an idea about the area he lags in and the one where he should put more emphasis. It is very important to work on the areas you lag in. Class 11 chemistry solutions is specifically curated by the experts and it helps the students learn chemistry in the most impeccable way possible.

  • Solve question papers

The students should give an emphasis on solving the question paper. The board follows a specific approach while setting the question paper. They follow the same format every year. Hence, it will prove beneficial in the long run for the students.