How to Take Care of Your Combi Oven

Commercial appliances are an investment since they are built to help improve the products and services that you provide for your customers! It is why they are so expensive, but you will truly benefit from their quality and performance. Whether it can vacuum your floor from dust and dirt or cook some food that in under 5 minutes, you would always reserve a place for it in your establishment. When talking about commercial appliances, the kitchen equipment is always the first thing that comes to mind to many restaurant business owners. You might be one of those restaurant owners who use the convenience of combi ovens in Singapore. Well, who wouldn’t love it? It makes preparing food easier and saves you a lot of time! More than that, it can bake and cook you a variety of food in just a matter of minutes! No one can appreciate more than people who want to provide the tastiest food that they can serve for their loyal customers. However, to make the most out of your investment in combi ovens, you must make sure that it reaches its life expectancy or more.

In this article, you will learn how to take care of your combi oven that will not only extend its lifespan but also maintain its overall quality performance.

How to take care of your combi oven

When buying a combi oven in Singapore, buyers often only think about the benefits and features that it has to offer. They do not see the future with it when it is time for them to clean it after using it daily. While it is a rookie mistake to think of that, there is still time for them to wholeheartedly know how to take care of their precious and productive kitchen equipment.

Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips that you should know as a combi oven owner:

Filter your water first

Combi ovens come in different brands, thus they have different needs that must be met. It is a type of equipment that requires a minimum level of water quality, and your seller will tell you all about it. When you receive the combi oven in your facility, or before you receive it, you must get your water tested first. It will help you identify the quality of water that is coming into your facility, and experts will help you install the exact water filtration system you would need for your combi oven.

Give it space

The most common combi oven issues that owners face is a bad installation from the get-go. Its placement might not be the best spot when it can get a good quality water supply, or the location might not have a level flooring (which is very dangerous). Maintenance also involves putting them in a safe place in the kitchen where there is enough space to let its hoses, drain, and cool discharge get comfortable. Ensure that it is far enough away from a grill, fryer or broiler without a heat shield and refrigerator. Remember that the heat that comes out of a convection oven or combi oven shouldn’t be near other electronics and steamy moisture.

Schedule regular cleaning

You must know that your combi oven’s interior has a high-quality, seamlessly welded stainless surface that needs to be cleaned at the end of the day. It will take one wet, soft cloth to clean them. However, there are combi ovens that have self-cleaning features. Not all establishments can afford it, though. Therefore, you must still learn how to clean it manually.

Here are some tips that you could follow:

  • Do not pour liquids

Avoid pouring grease or good scraps down the drain of your combi oven. It could cause a drain that could break your equipment.

  • Always follow the cleaning instructions

All kitchen equipment, whether it is a combi oven or a convection oven in Singapore, comes with cleaning instructions from its manufacturers. Read them carefully and follow the steps in cleaning that they recommend.

  • Clean down gaskets

The rubber door seals need to be kept in good condition. They are like tires of your car since they are susceptible to wear and break. Simply use a soft cloth with water and a bit of soap. Wipe down the rubber and ensure there aren’t any leaks as well.

  • Watch out for cleaning ingredients

Cleaning chemicals used in combi ovens vary significantly. Some models use liquid concentrate and sanitising chemicals for cleaning, which can be remotely pumped to the oven. Ensure that it has mild but effective ingredients, such as water-based detergents.

  • Get service every six months

There are technicians in Singapore who specialise in replacing water and air filters and door gaskets of your combi oven. They will also calibrate your unit, inspect it for corrosion and leaks, and descale your boiler. These are the things that your combi oven needs, so remember to schedule them for a service every six months!

Buying Oven from Simplex

A combi oven can perform combinations of cooking methods that will help your kitchen staff cook efficiently! Thus, you must always take care of your combi oven since it is what keeps your business running.

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