How to Transform Your Room Into a Fragrant Sanctuary

Without a doubt, the key to clean air and your bedroom smelling good is in ensuring that it’s free from dirt or other odour-emitting substances. No matter how sweetly scented laundry items you use on bedding, if there are piles of dirty dishes near the bed or reeking gym socks overflowing the basket, then you can’t expect your room scent to be inviting.

If your bedroom has any smelly items, you’ll first need to give it a thorough cleaning. Then, once the obvious offenders are gone from your sight and smell—you can move on to choosing your favorite room fragrances to ensure your room smells divine. Keep in mind the following tips and tricks to get your room smelling better than ever:


Open Your Windows

The fastest way to a fresh-smelling room is opening the windows and letting in natural light. Sunlight kills most of what may make your bedroom smell stale, while making you feel more energized for the day ahead! A win-win situation if there ever was one.

Change Your Sheets Regularly

You know those clean, soft bed sheets that give you a sense of comfort and security? Well they do their job so well because they absorb the oils from your skin. But if you go too long without doing laundry there’s no telling what might happen to them.

To keep smells at bay, change out your sheets every week or more often depending on how much time is spent in bed with pets, environmental allergies, etc. You may not be aware but one way to help maintain freshness in the room while sleeping is by changing pillow cases every other day.

Create Your Favorite Air Freshener

If you’re looking for a way to freshen up your bedroom without using synthetic scents, try making room spray from natural ingredients. Fill the clean bottle with distilled water and add three tablespoons of rubbing alcohol or unflavoured vodka.

Then mix in at least 20 drops of essential oils—either one scent or combinations like lavender and vanilla that are known to promote relaxation. Shake it up before each use.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner with a HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter is the most important part of a vacuum cleaner because it traps allergens in your room and prevents them from releasing into the air. Vacuum 2-3 times per week, even if you don’t see any dirt on your floor or walls to clean up. It’s also best to wash out that HEPA filter every month for maximum freshness and safety.

Create Your Own Natural Room Spray

Fill your home with the scent of calming lavender or a refreshing citrus fragrance by making your own natural room spray using distilled water and essential oils. Lavender is known for its relaxing properties, while lemon scents can be energizing. You can make variations on this recipe to create deodorant sprays that work great against bad smells as well.

Put Out a Dish of Potpourri

Put out a dish of potpourri for your home. Potpourri is an aromatic mixture that fills the room with a long-lasting scent. You can buy it at drugstores, online or make your own by mixing together star anise, cinnamon sticks and cloves in any small jar you have laying around.

If you’re feeling ambitious try dehydrating apples and oranges before adding them to the mix—just cut into thin slices and bake on cookie sheets until they are crispy dry then add them to the rest of ingredients like flowers and herbs which come naturally from our gardens.