How to Utilize Your Above the Fold Website Space for Maximum Benefit

Whenever someone clicks on a link for your webpage, the first things they see are what you have organized at the top of your screen.

While you’ll definitely want to include helpful information that requires scrolling, a web design agency can help you clearly communicate your company and mission at the top of your website to ensure a visitor scrolls down through your other information and offerings.

What Does Above the Fold Mean?

Back in the day of printed newspapers, “above the fold” referred to articles that appear above the midline fold of the newspaper.

Front page, above the fold articles were visible to anyone walking by a newsstand. In today’s digital age, the term continues to stick, but instead of a folded paper the modern fold is the bottom of a browser. On average, this is 600 pixels from the top of your webpage.

Why Should You Care About Your Above the Fold Website Area?

The top of your webpage is what grabs the attention of your visitors and potential customers. You want to make sure that your company is being clearly communicated, and interesting enough to prevent visitors from moving to another site.

Also consider that advertisements on your site placed above the fold are more likely to generate revenue that those that require extra scrolling.

Consider A Web Design Agency to Optimize Your Above the Fold Space

Optimizing your website’s above the fold space can be a tricky business that requires tinkering and experimenting, as well as tracking and analyzing data. Hiring a web design agency is a great investment strategy that will create efficient, revenue generating website and mobile layouts for your company. And an added bonus — you’ll see your SEO rankings improve!