How Will A Team of Culpeper Cleaners Take Care Of The Air Ducts in Your House?

The HVAC system could be considered “the respiratory system” of your house and, just like your airways, it needs proper care and cleaning. It works best when it’s free from dirt and airborne contaminants, when the air filters you use are top-notch, and when the ducts are sealed with aerosol. All this can be achieved by appointing a professional team of Culpeper cleaners, such as (Home & Business Services). By reading this article further, you will find out how they tackle the particularly difficult problem of cleaning your air ducts, with maximum efficiency, at a fair price.

The cleaning process

The air ducts cleaning process itself has four steps. First of all, the Culpeper cleaners need to clean the furnace/the air conditioner. For this, they will test the system, for proper functionality, then they will disconnect it from the power unit. After vacuuming the interior surfaces of the AC and furnace, with the help of a HEPA vacuum, they will clean the cooling coils and the blower unit.

The second step involves cleaning the supply, return registers, and grills. All of them will be removed by the Culpeper cleaners, thoroughly washed and rinsed, removing all contaminants in the process. After that, they will clean the air ducts, using powerful equipment, decontaminate them with duct sealant, and kill odors with powerful deodorizers. Last but not least, they will install odor killers, that will control odors for up to 3 months.

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The tools the Culpeper cleaners use

To fulfill the task efficiently, they will need to use four tools:

– a portable air compressor, a high-performance unit, equipped with heavy-duty pumps, available both electric and gas-powered;

– a brush cable system, with extremely flexible brushes, allowing the Culpeper cleaners to navigate corners, drops, and risers;

– a HEPA vacuum, with a powerful motor and several filtration systems, equipped with a dent and corrosion-proof tank and built-in casters;

– compressed air cleaning tools, including flexible rods, duct guide balls, vent cleaning tools, air control valves, forward and reverse nozzles, standard whip, and a carrying case.

Air ducts cleaning benefits

You don’t have to be a Culpeper cleaner or expert to guess the benefits of air duct cleaning. First of all, it improves airflow, by eliminating any blockage or buildup, which would otherwise translate into inefficiency and higher utility bills. Secondly, air duct cleaning removes bad odors, from dust and mold, as well as the tobacco, paint, and pets’ smell accumulated over time. It will also allow you and the members of your family to breathe easier since the airborne particles inside the system can cause problems even to the healthiest of people.

The Culpeper cleaners’ work will also reduce allergens, including bacteria, pollen, mildew, mold spores, and pet dander. Last but not least, cleaning air ducts will provide a healthier living environment, by reducing the amount of dust that would otherwise circulate inside your house and land on your furniture, bedding, and flooring.