How You Can Benefit from an Annual Physical Exam

Most of the time, we tend to visit the doctor when we are not feeling well. When you catch the flu or when dealing with an illness that will not go away, that is the only time you remember the importance of your primary doctor practitioner. How many times have you gone for a physical exam, even when you felt nothing is wrong? Probably only a handful of times or none! It would help if you understood that sometimes your body might be functioning well without any signs of illness, but you have an underlying health condition that requires medical attention. Thankfully, with an annual physical exam in West New York, you can identify and treat health issues before they become problematic. It is also an excellent way of tracking your progress towards achieving your health goals. Here are the benefits of an annual physical exam and why it is important:

Overall health assessment

When you seek a physical exam, you allow your doctor to examine your total body health thoroughly. It is an opportunity to review your family and medical history, which can help determine some of your potential risk factors. With such annual visits, even when you develop a problem, you will have created a personal relationship with your doctor, which should help you get the best treatment possible. Notably, during the overall health assessment, expect cholesterol screening, blood glucose screening, and body mass index tests. If you are battling excess weight, your doctor could also recommend what you should do to get in shape.

Encourages you to live a healthy lifestyle

With annual physical exams, you will have to visit your physician more often, encouraging maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Expect your doctor to teach you better habits that you may not have been following with every visit. You can also ask questions during the physical exam if you want insights into whatever is troubling you. Likewise, your doctor should help you achieve better eating habits and advise you on what you should do if you need to exercise and lose weight. Your doctor will always be an invaluable resource, so you do not have a reason for not visiting.

Reviewing medication and immunization records

Physical exams are the perfect platform to go through the medications you are under to determine if there is an issue with them or if the prescription is in the proper dosages. On the other hand, immunizations focus on children, but some vaccines could also benefit adults. It only depends on the immunization records, age, and health records. During your annual physical exam, your doctor can review your immunization record to see if you could be a beneficiary of additional vaccines.

If you are not sure if you need an annual physical exam, it is one of the best ways of safeguarding your health. It would help if you looked for a trusted healthcare expert to get personalized and compassionate care. Whatever your healthcare needs are, an annual physical exam can streamline your health to the desired levels.