How you can make money by selling DIGITAL PRODUCT

A digital product is a tool or product that is created once and sold a million times. It is delivered to your potential customers online. This would probably be an online course or an eBook. Creating an online course or an eBook is something very interesting, I enjoy it”, but it is not an easy task to accomplish, it may take you from weeks to months according to how big your book or course is.

You need a digital product to sell online as one of the ways to make money on your blog will make it very easy for you to promote your product. There are a variety of digital products to create.

Here is the list;

  1. A PAID EMAIL COURSE; A paid email course is one of the most used digital products. In this case, you choose to conduct a course by delivering the content directly to your reader’s inbox. For example, If you want to teach about writing, you can make a paid email course where you students receive instructions on how to write or improve on their skills, “very simple”, right?!, You can use platforms likemail chimp, mailer lite for your email courses.
  2. DOWNLOADABLE WORKBOOKS/PRINTABLE; Downloadable workbooks or printables’ can be a great source of passive income, it is easy to create and sell. A downloadable workbook is simply a digital file most probably a PDF that someone can download and use it for his work, let’s say, filling in some of his/her information.
  3. DESIGN & GRAPHICS; Are you creating your graphics used on your website or Pinterest, you have an opportunity to sell them, Not that everybody has time to sit down and create those designs, some people do not have those skills, that is where you come in. You can also create your stock photos and graphics that someone can customize and use for his/her work. You can share these graphics on social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to get more followers. Buying Instagram views can also help you to get more eyes on your killer graphics.
  4. COPY SCRIPTS AND CONTENT TEMPLATES; This s the easiest product to create if you are good at writing content, you have a chance to create and sell content scripts. Compared to design templates, content templates are made of words.
  5.  People will download your templates, fill in the blank space, drag and drop blocks or copy and paste it in their word processor or email.
  6. PAID VIRTUAL JOBS; There is a high demand for virtual assistants and it will not slow down, why?, because there are thousands of websites/blog being launched daily and not all these people have time to work on their blogs or even some do not have those skills to keep their blogs shining, so they will hire someone to do this work for them, this might be you, “if you have the skill that they want”, so start now mastering some skill that will help you grab this cash.
  7. SPREADSHEETS AND TRACKERS; This is an idea that many have not yet thought of, that’s why I call it a great Idea. Unlike these other digital products, this is so unique. You can make a great deal out of this niche.