Ideas for Mall Christmas Decorations

It’s the happiest time of the year. The malls will be springing with money and cheers. We all know the songs of Christmas. If you don’t you soon will as you shop at your local mall for gifts to give your loved ones. Most retail venues will have Christmas music playing in the background. It helps consumers get into the spirit of Christma and spending money.

Mall Christmas Decorations have long been a favorite in most cities and towns. Major displays have always captivated children and adults alike. Where better to see Santa and his reindeer, not to mention the cute Elves that go with it. Santa Clause will always be the BIG draw. It’s a major event “The Santa Clause parade”. Local schools have their majorettes and the marching band coming down the center of the mall to the promenade where Santas’ Stage is set. A very large, tall Christmas tree is displayed with all the trimmings.

Glistening with an array of lights so beautifully bright you must squint your eyes for a moment. Piles of beautifully gift-wrapped gift boxes are strewn underneath, and right in front of the magnificent tree is Santa’s’ big, overstuffed, comfy chair. Just awaiting a child’s dream for Christmas. The scene is set… Send in the Elves. Let the festivities begin.

Now.. amid all the Mall Christmas Decorations is the splendor and excitement of the final touches. The Beautiful tinsel hung with care on the banisters and railings with deep green holly mixed throughout to balance the shimmer of the silver and gold tinsel. All so clean and dazzling, a true sight to see and touch. Storefront display windows are a favorite sight for everyone of all ages. “Let’s see what Macey’s has done this year” can be heard as people shuffle past their favorite stores. Gazing upon a visual wonderland that only comes once a year. Some window displays may be mechanical with moving toys and gifts, others will feature stationery gifts of various types and sizes. All will feature the best gifts of the season. Gayly displayed with such elegance and charm that it makes it difficult to pass on to the next. You will return later, alone, to get that hat she was gazing at with such desire. She didn’t think you noticed. What a true Christmas surprise it will be.

Surrounded by such a magical Christmas wonderland will put you and your loved ones in the Christmas spirit for sure. Well, it’s time for a picture with Santa Clause and a chance to let him know what you want for Christmas. Get in line and save your spot. The Elves are there to help the little ones be patient and joyful through the wait. Some with hot chocolate and candy canes. All with big smiles and lots of joy and laughter. “It’s almost your turn, don’t be afraid,” says the Elf with the big red ears.

“You’re next” is heard as a memory for a lifetime is created. “Do remember, Wednesday night is Pet pictures with Santa night”. Everyone in the family can get involved this year. Fido and tabby are also welcome to the holiday festivities.

The Mall is a special place this special time of year. Make sure you get there with your family and friends to enjoy all the decorations and fun that will be had. Do some shopping and enjoy the food court for a special treat. Everything has a bit more meaning during the holidays. It’s a great place to get that special something for that special someone in your life. Enjoy the Holidays…