Ideas for the Store to Attract Disabled Customers

The pandemic situation has certainly made it challenging for people to shop locally. But for many customers who are disabled still prefer some large organizations as compared to the local retailer because they have better resources and accessibility. Many people while searching for the handicap store near me wonder whether the store offers accessibility which of course is their primary concern. It does not make any sense for them to travel long distances and not able to pay for the goods and services because the store is not accessible.

Now for those stores who want to jump again high after the pandemic crises might want to consider welcoming the disabled customers too. This way even when desirable searched for the ‘handicap store near me’ more options can pop up for them. But there are some better ways by which shops can be made attractive for such customers.

Better access to assistance dogs:

There are so many stores that probably have the sign of no pets allowed. Well, this is quite common but not many owners are aware of the fact that it can have a negative implication. Often disabled people have pets who work as vital support for them. Considering the no pets allowed policy, disabled people avoid visiting the shop. It is good to welcome the assistance dogs since they are of great help for people not just who are disabled but also who have some long-term illness.

Eagerness to help:

Some disabilities like vision issues are quite common. It is always better to help such people since they need additional assistance. It is good to offer support no matter what kind of disability does the person has.  Warmly greet the customers and ask them if they require any kind of assistance. This gives the customer a sense of welcoming nature and they can further talk about their requirements too.

De-clutter the space

Often many aisles are cluttered with products that should ideally be stacked up well on the shelves. If the space is all occupied it becomes challenging to even walk from the narrow pathways. Such inaccessible space can also be a huge barrier for people who use a wheelchair. Make sure stock replenishment is done on time while obstacles are removed and accessibility of the store is improved. This would increase the chances of more customers coming.

Other aspects to not forget:

Other than this, while searching for the handicap store near me people want to make sure if the entrances and doors are accessible. For this long door handles can be an accessible choice to do. Also let people be aware of the small business through signage and posters that have more images, are easy to read fond and is more disability-friendly.


The above choices can make it easy for not just the disabled customers to locate the right handicap store near me but also it can be an easy win for the retailers to have new customers. These tips shared can be done with not much of the investment and can be opened for more people.