Improving the functioning of the digestive system through Ayurveda

Indigestion, bloating stomach, gas, stomach discomfort, heartburn, fatigue, etc are some of the problems that almost 90-95 of every hundred people complain of at one time or another. Though these might seem like a minor discomfort you have got to put off with owing to the overindulgence of food, it cannot and should not be treated lightly. These are actually indicators of the quality of digestion and thereby the key to assessing your overall health. You can improve digestion through Ayurveda can help you fix the imbalances that cause the above symptoms and ensure that your overall health is at its peak.

Principle of Ayurvedic diet

 When you are looking to correct all the damage you have done to the digestive system by taking it for granted and doing things like

  • Skipping meals
  • Eating late
  • Eating take-out too often
  • Snacking constantly
  • Eating too much food
  • Eating too little food than that is necessary for your age and activity
  • Eating hi- carb foods

And much more, you have got to consider certain important steps. These revolve around three main aspects which are what to eat? How to eat? and When to eat?. Improving digestion throughAyurveda rests on following the ayurvedic guidelines laid down with reference to these three important aspects.

Tips for improving digestion through Ayurveda

  • Stimulate- The stimulation of the digestive system is given a lot of emphases when you are about to follow an ayurvedic diet. It involves poses or asanas that can activate the GI tract. It is then that your digestive system would say “It wants food and it is ready to eat”.
  • Following the right order– Improving digestion through Ayurveda calls for a systematic adherence to the order in which you should be taking the different types of food. The system, however, would be suggested by an ayurvedic practitioner who would do it after assessing your health. but, two common rules include eating proteins first and avoid taking fruits after a meal. Fruits that are an exception to the rule include papaya, pineapple and mango. This is because they contain enzymes that can help in the digestion of fats,carbs, starch, etc.
  • Replacing water with digestive tea during the meal– when you are looking to improve digestion through Ayurveda, it is important to ensure that you do not take cold water when you are having your meal. The digestive enzymes would get diluted when you have cold water. Sipping warm water or rather replacing water with digestive tea made out of boiling spices would be an excellent option.
  • Asana- It is indeed true that you should not engage in any exercise after you have had a meal. However, Virasana or suptavirasana ensure that the digestion is enhanced. Spending about 2-5 minutes in this pose an offer a lot of benefits.
  • Allow stomach to relax– Lying on your left side for about 10 minutes can allow the stomach relax and create more space for the food you have taken. Lying on the left would let gravity draw the bile down into the stomach improving digestion.

   You can expect excellent results when you follow the diet system and the steps laid down properly.