Inflatable Water Slides – The Most Fun You and Your Kids will Have!

 When you think of inflatables, most adults think of the traditional bouncy houses or castles that they themselves likely once had a try on! But nowadays there is a lot more to inflatable fun than just those, and even then there are a lot of variations and sizes on the castles to choose from. Obstacle courses, balls you can get inside of, gladiator-style towers, water blow up slides, and much more. Here is a look at why slides make such a great choice, especially water slides!

What are inflatable slides?

Inflatable slides are just the same as the bouncy castles but instead of being the castle or house shape they are a slide shape. They are still inflated and they come in a range of sizes depending on the room you have for them, and how many are using it. For the truly brave you can get some water slides for cheap that tower over everyone up to 40 feet tall! Most come with an air pump that while makes some noise, is likely not going to be heard much over the screaming and laughter the kids will make! When it is time to deflate it, the water on it just drains onto your lawn.

So much fun!

Everyone knows how much fun slides are. From a young age, children go to the park and race to the slide, enjoying the climbing aspect as well as that falling sensation as they slide down. With water blow up slides, you can have some with a soft surface at the bottom when children slide down, you can have some with bumps creating a fun lifting effect, and children have a blast with each other, racing down. Children can have hours of entertainment, just make sure they take a break now and then to drink some water, it is easy for them to get distracted and dehydrated otherwise.

Water slides for the win!

If you are lucky enough to have great weather all year round you can have water slides for cheap at any event you want! The addition of water to a slide is something adults can enjoy too if you get one that is sturdy enough. Cool down in the sun, feel that thrill and excitement, and splash everyone as you reach the bottom! Hilarious every time! If you have space outside for a water slide you will be glad to have one.


Whether it is for a party or because school is done and the children are getting restless, having an inflatable water slide in the backyard adds up to the best decision you will make. Less time spent indoors glued to an electronic device and more time outside in the fresh air. Less time bugging you and more time to be active and stay out of trouble. Whatever age the children are there is something that will suit them. Become the popular hang out for other children!