Interesting Luxury Things to Do in Dubai

Are you truly a fan of the luxe life? Touring Dubai for your next holiday will be a memorable one. Dubai is an apex city that offers amazing experiences. What are some of the luxury things and places to explore in Dubai? Keep reading to find out. 

5 Amazing Luxury Activities to Explore in Dubai 

Below are some fun and luxurious things to try when visiting Dubai.


Enjoy the tasteful outdoor activity of glamping in Dubai. Investigate the various ultimate luxury and comfortable configurations. 

What’s the perfect season for glamping in Dubai? Here, temperatures and conditions vary. This enjoyable activity is best done between the end of October and the beginning of April. 

If you cherish luxury, then head to the desert. You will find Bedouin tents. There are several low-cost furnishings and amenities available. The staff is always glad to serve you. 

There are several fun activities to explore while on a desert glamping tour. Archery is a nice sport to consider engaging in. You may also have a great day picnicking on the dunes. If you desire to visit the ocean, you will find different glamping options near the sea.

Enjoy dinner on the Burj al Arab Helipad

The Burj al Arab Easterner has turned into an image of Dubai’s creativity and innovation. Well known for an Agassi vs. Federer tennis match and a major Tiger Woods drive, there isn’t anything more private than a confidential dinner on top of the Burj Al Bedouin Helipad. Today, this exotic destination is gradually becoming famous for weddings. None can top this setting for boasting privileges.

Yacht tours 

Cruising on yachts is fun. You can charter a boat for the day to enjoy the luxury city. Yes, there is nothing more refreshing than a day spent on the ocean. 

Every day, yacht cruises leave from Dubai Marina and Dubai Harbor. They take care of several requirements. Couples and individuals searching for a cozy encounter can have a good time catering to a private yacht. On the other hand, groups who want entertainment may book a yacht with options for DJs and one that fits different budgets. 

Supercar tours 

Nothing represents luxury like the rumble of a supercar. Have fun on the gorgeous roads of the UAE. Do this on a self-drive tour as you pilot five of the world’s most outlandish supercars. You can ride the astounding Lamborghini Aventador, then compare it with the Ferrari 458 Spider. 

Maybe your style is the Mercedes-Benz SLS, the Lamborghini Gallardo, or the McLaren MP4-12C. Attempt them all in a seven-hour tour. Afterward, you decide which one you need to purchase when you get back from your vacation.

Extreme luxury desert safaris

You’ll imagine that a confidential Mercedes G-Wwgon desert safari within the property of the Royal Family member would be enough for most people. That’s not the case. Some tourists want more. 

You may try helicopter transfers if you don’t want to drive or ride the desert for 45 minutes. Also, enjoy some classical music on oasis lake during your tour. There are several fun activities you can enjoy on these luxury desert safaris.


Dubai is known for various displays of luxury lifestyles. You can’t go wrong with these locations for your next luxury vacation. There are a lot of super exciting things to do here. finally, you can hire a private driver Dubai to take you around the city.