iPhone camera lens function evolution history

We are all addicted to the iPhone because of its stunning features. As technology developed, the iPhone has a steady market value than others. They are updating many features and people likely to use iPhone eagerly. Of course, HDR is a new technique that iPhone launches now. The HDR and Flashlight of iPhone is a boon for users. It stands for high dynamic range and capture clearly at both day and night time. With crystal clear picture, you could take photos with different exposures at one time. According to the algorithm designed, it automatically synthesizes the photo. If we take photos at day hours, sun rays will overexpose. But in this HDR iPhone feature, it overcomes the dark exposed and bright side out. You have to keep the phone stable to take a vivid photo. It gives a stunning look by utilizing an HDR camera lens at day hours. Most iPhone users take photos with the help of an HDR lens facility.

Highlight the vivid photo effects

Of course, this is the facility is suitable for an outdoor shoot, scenic views, and taking in different brightness. The HDR photography is soon colorful and you will get a crystal clear image often. The flashlight of the iPhone, on the other hand, deserves the best effects on the users. It can maximize the exposure to ensure the picture is clear or not. You can take an HD photo even in dark light conditions. When you turn on the flashlight, it has lots of things to notice. This feature is mainly applicable to the low light environment. In case you found a complicated background to capture, use the Flashlight feature of the iPhone. It will easily highlight the objects close to you. They can be used in day hours and make them more vivid.  But make sure you do not focus on eyes. It will reflect and gives a horror effect.