Is It Worth Investing In Rolex Submariner After So Many Years?

The Rolex Submariner continues to rank high higher when it comes to the iconic watches in the world. However, its rising popularity combined with recent market prices and its short supply has begun bothering Rolex enthusiasts. When thinking to buy the watch in 2022, remember its market prices have skyrocketed like never before.

But have you considered thinking if the watch is worth your investment or a space in your collection?

It Comes With Classic Looks And Iconic Designs

One of the best parts about the Rolex Submariner is that they have always excelled when it comes to their design. Rolex, unlike other watch brands, is quite familiar with how to modernize and improve its classic models with time while retaining its quintessence. There are differences to notice when you place the five-digit vintage reference and the six-digit modes.

The bezel present on the vintage models is made of scratch-proof ceramic and aluminium. The vintage clasp and bracelet don’t portray the perfection of the recent models. The technology running the older variants doesn’t qualify to come closer to the diving watch’s latest editions.

But despite so much, the Rolex Submariner has always remained unmatched. It is one such watch which goes with every fashion statement. While there might be more technically advanced diving watch variants in the market, nothing is as timeless as this particular timepiece.

Haptics And Comfort

Nothing beats Rolex Submariner in terms of the feel and haptics. The Rolex timepiece’s haptic experience is beyond extraordinary. While this holds applicability in all the modern Rolex timepieces, the Submariner variant especially takes pride in featuring various things like the Glidelock clasp which lets the wearer adjust the bracelet length. Another interesting feature is the diving bezel which boasts amazing account feedback.

You Cannot Have A More Cost-Friendly Price

You can come across different diving watches which are of a similar price range to Rolex Submariner. However, if Rolex Submariner is your dream timepiece, then don’t let anything stop you from investing. Remember investing in luxury timepieces is all about emotions. Waiting for its price to reduce will lead you to disappointment and you can only expect it to go higher in the long run.

The Rolex Submariner is worth all the investment, given its features, royal look, striking bezel design and more. It is the perfect addition to your timepiece collection.