Is Saint Corona has any connection with current disaster Covid-19?


St Corona was a German catholic from second-century AD. The life story of this woman is really quite outrageous but her devotion towards Christianity has inspired millions of hearts. Since ages it has been believed by Christian Catholics that Saint Corona is a saviour saint who can save the world from disastrous pandemics and epidemics.

Still now, it has been found at different parts of the world that Catholics are worshiping this saint for getting rid of Covid-19 pandemic. She was a great should and her strongest belief in her religion and god has made her a symbol of faith. People worshipping this saint always receive positive energies around. This worship basically gives the Catholics the strength to fight any kind of disastrous pandemic.

Is Covid-19 anyhow related with St. Corona?

Covid-19 has no direct relation with saint Corona but modern Catholics are of this thought that this pandemic can be stopped only by this great soul.  Corona is a Latin word meaning crown and since Covid-29 virus looks like a crown in its microscopic view therefore it has been named Corona virus. The only similarity in between St. Corona and this pandemic virus is that their name. One is considered to have the crown of faith and another has the shape of a crown. Apart from that no other possible similarities are there.

From the scientific point of view, it is no less than a coincidence that both of them are of the same name. Whenever any pandemic, livestock diseases or heavy storm has occurred Catholics have worshipped this saint for getting protection. In fact, in times of financial crisis as well people believe that worshipping her can make the situation better. Many holy saints have said that she brings that light of hope that comes after ending any darkest tunnel of pandemic.

If you are a catholic Christian by faith and religion then you must have heard the story of St. Corona from your grandmother or seniors at home. There are any social-mdi platforms today where Catholics are requesting their group members to worship mother Corona for staying away from covid-19. In fact, many prayers of mother Corona are also getting circulated on social-media for influencing millions of Catholics. This can be definitely considered as a symbol of faith and bonding in Catholics. In fact, worship of  St. Corona is currently bringing Catholics all across the world together in this moment of disaster.