Is there a water pump to suit all occasions?

The summertime is visiting Melbourne again. It is time to clean up your driveway, water the garden and fill up your swimming pool. But it is not fun to find water from the tap cannot reach the end of your garden. Brought to you by, here’s the perfect pump to fit all your needs.

What you need in this summertime is a garden and irrigation pump. If you solely think it’s for the garden, you would be very wrong. In fact, you would be bamboozled with the versatility of a garden pump.

Use 1: Watering your plants

What’s the use of a garden and irrigation pump if it cannot be used to water your plants?A pump can extend the range that water can travel from your tap and reach further ends of your garden.

But a pump can do more than that. If you are lazy like me, you can get a sprinkler to do the job for you. It is necessary to buy a pump with the correct pressure in order to have the sprinklers working properly. But a sprinkler performs exactly what you expect in water your garden for grasses to grow especially in the dryer summer months.

Use 2: Cleaning

With the extended range of water transport, cleaning every exterior part of your house is easier than ever. Looking to scrub the driveway? You no longer have to carry buckets of water round and round. With a water pump, you can have water supply by yourself when scrubbing your driveway. You can even go fancy with a pressure head to spray your driveway with pressurized water for deeper cleaning.

And it’s more than just cleaning your house. Washing your car is easier with a water pump. Rather than washing down with buckets of water that often miss some protruding parts, a water hose is generally better for washing your car while reducing water usage.

Use 3: Cooling down your house

The summer in Melbourne can get exceptionally hot and up to forty plus degrees. The intense heat is much more noticeable in single story houses as the heat from the sun directly conducts into the house.

With a water pump, you can spray water onto the roof of your house. With the huge heat capacity of water, it can absorb more heat from the sun and reduce impact of radiation heat on your roof, lowering the temperature of your house without the need of using air conditioning.

Use 4: Filling water features and inflatable pools

Ever wanted to jump into the water in the middle of the afternoon, but the sun already goes down after you filled your pool? The regret is no more with a water pump. Increase the filling speed with a quality water pump to fill your inflatable pool in no time and enjoy a good splash of fun before the sun goes down.