Items That Might Make Your Maternity Journey More Comfortable

Being pregnant is a fantastic experience as you grow another life in your body. You will get the joy of seeing your baby grow and watching it move before bringing it into the world. However, pregnancy can be uncomfortable even when planned and deeply wanted, and it is okay to express that discomfort. Your body is going to grow and stretch in ways you didn’t think possible. You’re going to experience fatigue, pain, swelling, and a lot of emotions.

Thankfully, there are products available to help make the entire process more comfortable. You don’t have to live in absolute discomfort for nine months. From new clothes and special pillows to supplements and ice packs, here are a few things to buy depending on the pain you are experiencing.

New Underwear

Maternity bras and underwear will make a world of difference. When you first get pregnant, you might think it’s a waste of money, considering all of the other things you already know you will need to buy. However, there are few things worse than having to go through your day acting normal when your bra and underwear are grossly uncomfortable. Even if you only wear them for a few months, they are worth the investment.

Body Pillow

If you have trouble sleeping, tossing and turning all night, or waking up in pain, you need to invest in a body pillow. Stop rolling up old pillows and shoving them behind your back or between your legs to get comfortable. You can buy a body pillow that is the length of your body, so you can hug and cuddle it as needed. You can even buy ones shaped like horseshoes and will provide support along your back. Plus, if you roll over, you don’t have to move the pillow; you just hug the other side. Is there a chance you, your partner, and your body pillow won’t all fit in the bed together? Of course, but sacrifices need to be made while you are growing a baby.


Nutritional supplement companies specialize in vitamins, herbs, and supplements designed for pregnant women or safe for pregnant women to take to minimize some of the uncomfortable side effects of pregnancy. During pregnancy, your baby is going to take all the nutrients it needs from your body. To stay healthy, you need to replenish those nutrients. A reputable prenatal vitamin is essential. Vitamin D, Omega-3, probiotics, and calcium are all necessary for you and your baby. Be sure to talk to your doctor before taking dietary supplements. While vitamins and supplements may be safe and helpful, they can interact with medications, so your doctor must know what you are taking.

Soft Ice Packs

Buy some of the soft gel icepacks that are moldable even when frozen. They are perfect for swollen feet and hot flashes. Place the ice pack on your chest just above your cleavage, and it will quickly cool your whole body down. If you are getting a headache, you can wrap it in a damp cloth and place it over your forehead just above your eyes to help with the pain. A cooling ice pack can also bring comfort when you are extremely nauseous or throwing up.

Too often, women think that there is nothing they can do about pregnancy discomfort, or they feel they shouldn’t complain because they want to have a baby, and pain and discomfort is the price they were taught they have to pay. This is an archaic way of thinking. Always take steps to be more comfortable, and remember that being comfortable is not a waste of money.