Jordan 1 Dark Mocha Shoes – Addictive Jordan 1 Coffee

After creating an earthquake with the super product Jordan Dior, the Jordan Brand family continued to create a fever that made people stand still. That is the excellent jordan 1 mocha super product with a color tone that cannot be matched anywhere else!

It was released at the end of October 2020, is said to carry a bit of the image of the Jordan 1 Retro High Travis Scott. But this shoe model has design details that are worth the attention of young people right from the first days on the shelves.

Design of Air Jordan 1 Dark Mocha

Jordan 1 High OG ‘Dark Mocha’ possesses brown and black colors like attractive mocha coffee beans, along with the sweet white milk layer that blends together to make the shoes have a color scheme that makes many young people unable to leave. eye and want to bring back to put in his sneaker collection.

The highlight of Jordan 1 Dark Mocha is the color scheme from the brown color of mocha coffee beans. Blending with a layer of sweet milk is the surrounding white. The dark brown tones are balanced wonderfully with the white splashes. Make a beautiful mocha coffee.

The JD 1 Mocha toe is perforated to Michael Jordan’s classics for added comfort and breathability. A set of white midsoles and black bottoms are filled with Nike Air cushioning technology to deliver a secure, lightweight feel to every move and where you go. This is a feature of Jordan products and a plus point in the eyes of users.

The special Nike Jordan 1 Dark Mocha Turtleneck uses dark brown suede (dark mocha) for the heel. The toebox and upper part use the quality smooth leather material commonly found on OG shoes, extremely durable and sturdy to use.

Should you buy Nike jordan 1 dark mocha

Nike jordan 1 High dark mocha is considered a super product that many people are looking forward to, so if you have the conditions to own this baby, there is nothing better. Capital is produced by the world’s leading fashion brand, so you can rest assured about the quality or design. It will be produced meticulously, in detail in every stitch. Therefore, do not be afraid to buy yourself a pair of shoes to wear at the end of this year.

DQ SHOP – The place to buy prestigious Jordan 1 High Dark Mocha shoes

Indeed, this is a shoe that will be suitable for all activities in life, and is easy to combine with any outfit. With all the criteria to be loved by all young people, this is not a very comfortable shoe (about 12 million VND). Don’t worry too much about the price, will bring you the Like Auth version of these can’t-miss shoes to young Vietnamese at a very reasonable price.

For the Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High Dark Mocha Pk god, the quality is equivalent to the original (genuine) version when the factory uses the same materials as the genuine shoes. The most advanced technology and production line. Makes this shoe 99% complete compared to the original being sold. An appropriate price compared to the income level of young Vietnamese people today.

You can own beautiful, quality and trendy shoes at an affordable price. With the Air jordan mocha product, the high-end version is quite similar to the genuine version, especially the smooth, silky suede will not let you down.