Key Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Hair Transplant Clinic

Hair fall is a painful experience one can face in life as it hampers your social and professional life. It could cause mental turmoil in your life often leading to depression and anxiety. So after facing exhaustion one deserves to have perfect outcome which brings back the lost confidence. That perfect outcome can surely be brought by hair transplant procedure. 

Hair transplant is a huge decision and one cannot take it overnight. Undergoing the procedure is not that difficult than searching a competent clinic is. In India on one side there are few pre eminent hair transplant surgeon known for their astounding surgical skills but on other side pool of unregulated unethical practices. Hair transplant in either ways is a life changing; good or bad. If you find a competent surgeon and the procedure goes well then it will change your life positively with natural look and desirable aesthetics. But if you landed in wrong hands it will lead to regret and disappointment. Therefore, you should ensure that you are in right hands for going under the knife and have done diligent search to find the best clinic for yourself. 

The success of the hair transplant surgery is ensured by level of experience and expertise of the surgeon. You should rely on the expectations suggested by the hair transplant surgeon regarding the outcomes so as to assure the satisfaction later on after the surgery. Thus, during primary consultation you should beforehand clear your concerns and doubts regarding hair transplant. 

Here is the set of few questions which should be asked during primary consultation including: 

  • Will you consult with a doctor? 

Ans: Many clinics now appoint sub qualified doctors to perform primary consultation which leads to inefficient assessment of ruling out certain crucial aspect which are essential for successful treatment. Thus it is mandatory to confirm that the consultation should be performed by surgeon to ensure the success rate of hair transplant.

  • What is the qualification of the doctor who will perform hair transplant?

Ans: Adequate qualification in every field is mandatory to perform the best especially in medical field. It is must to ask regarding the qualification of the surgeon who will perform the hair transplant. The hair transplant surgeon ideally should have super specialization in cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery along with certification from authorized bodies and forms to perform hair transplant. In addition, you should re confirm the credentials of hair transplant surgeon from medical boards.  

  • Will you get ample coverage with natural look?

Ans: You should ask beforehand during primary consultation that how much you can expect from the hair transplant surgery in your case. You should confirm that you will achieve that much what you are expecting or not so as to be satisfied after the procedure with the received outcome. Regarding the natural look you should check beforehand the previous photo gallery of the patients, their testimonials and reviews. You should also ask regarding the number of follicular grafts which will be used in your case to assure the desired outcome and cost of the procedure.

  • Does the clinic have necessary high quality instruments?

Ans: Surgical skills of the surgeon are enhanced by the usage of high quality instruments in terms of efficiency and outcome. Therefore, it is essential to check with the clinic that they are using latest technology instruments or not. Including the armamentarium one should confirm regarding the appropriate sterilization and disinfection of instruments and inanimate objects respectively. 

  • Does the clinic perform the procedure under high magnification?

Ans: The clinic should perform the procedure under high loop magnification of good quality. FUT technique and FUE technique both requires to be performed under magnification to ensure minimal damage rate. If the procedures are not performed under high magnification it leads to unwanted damage to hair follicles which are very valuable for hair loss cases. 

  • How many are there in the team while performing hair transplant and what about their experience?

Ans: It should be asked that how many supporting hands the surgeon will have during the procedure. The success of the treatment lies in the team efficiency. Thus the clinic which has highly experienced team should be kept as priority in your list to opt for hair transplant.  

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