Kitchen Renovation Ideas

While we spend a lot of time in the kitchen it’s not always a space people like to renovate. But if you put the effort in and get a little clever with some fresh ideas, you can completely change your opinion on the kitchen.


Kitchen Islands are a massive trend currently with how they can be styles and how much space they can save (if you’re clever). Modern dining rooms can go unused for weeks as people prefer to eat elsewhere, so if you find yourself never using it, why not convert your luxury dining table and room into something else and invest in an island and kitchen stools to eat around. Naturally you’ll need an open kitchen to invest in this idea, but the finished article will make you love your kitchen!

Open Design

Most traditional kitchens are full of cupboards which contain all your pretty kitchen accessories and tableware, but what if you want to show them off a little more? Open shelving is becoming a popular choice for modern kitchens, with a finish that shows off all your pots, pans and plates and gives it a utility style which is fresh and clean. It’s not a style for everyone but if you’re someone who likes to buy the more stylish kitchen essentials, it’s a look that helps to display them all, plus, you won’t be rummaging anymore to find stuff!

Extravagant Features

If you’re just looking to add some flair to the kitchen rather than completely revamp the space, then some fixtures might be the way to go. New lighting, kitchen stools or utensils on display can add a little luxury to the room, find styles you love and will want to see in the space for many years to come, designer furniture and accessories isn’t always expensive, you’ve just got to know where to look.


Everyone dreams of their perfect traditional kitchen and adding some farmhouse charm will be one way to get you living there. Lots of woods, traditional cupboards, open spaces and bare bricks are some of the ways you can get a farmhouse style. Look for more ways you can get the simple style a reality in your home, as there are hundreds of different ways to do this.


Designs and textures go hand in hand and it’s one what to start to create your perfect kitchen. Find samples of things you want to see in the kitchen such as bare brick walls, woods, marble and glass and you’ll begin to see how you can start combining them. It’s key to browse inspo online to see what works and what doesn’t.