Lash Extension Adhesive: What You Should Know

Lash extensions have gained popularity in recent years and for good reasons. Who wouldn’t want longer, fuller and curlier lashes that blend perfectly with their natural eyelashes? This is where lash extensions have a notch above false lashes. They are not only a convenient alternative, but they are longer-lasting as well. With the help of a professional technician, you can have perfect lashes that are hassle-free.

The longevity of lash extensions can be credited to the type of lash adhesive that is used in the process. Here is what you should know about lash extension adhesive.

What’s Lash Extension Adhesive

Eyelash extension adhesive or glue is a vital part of the lash extension process and is used in the application of the lash extension to an individual’s natural eyelashes. Essentially, it is what is used to make the attachment. To have the perfect lash extension that will not risk harm to your natural lashes, it is important to use the correct type of adhesive.


Poor-quality lash adhesives have the potential to cause discomfort, flakiness and even pain. Although lash extensions can cost a pretty penny compared to false strip lashes, the investment is worthwhile because lash extensions can last between 4 and 8 weeks and are natural-looking.


The primary ingredient in lash adhesives is the compound cyanoacrylate that is made of cyanide and acrylate. Sounds’ harsh, doesn’t it? Rest easy knowing that once the processing and manufacturing of the adhesive are complete, the cyanide is neutralized. Cyanoacrylate is a  chemical bonding agent that’s fast-drying and glue-like; the cyanide acts as a thickening agent in adhesives, while the acrylate helps the adhesive to harden or thicken when exposed to air/moisture. The combination allows for the fast drying of professional lash extension adhesives during the application process.

There are some specific things to look for in lash extension adhesive.

1. Quick Drying Time

The lash extension application process requires excellent precision in order to achieve the perfect lash alignment. Attaching a single lash extension to a single natural eyelash takes a certain level of skill and focus, but also a lash adhesive that can work quickly to bond the two lashes. It would be a difficult ordeal if a technician had to hold two tiny lashes together for an extended period of time while waiting for the adhesive to dry. Drying time is crucial to make the process a quick one. Lash extension adhesives can dry in as little as a few seconds thanks to the ingredient cyanoacrylate that allows for instant drying. Keep in mind that the higher the humidity in the space that you are performing the application, the faster the adhesive will dry.

2. Adhesion Strength is Key

The intended longevity of lash extensions means that the lash adhesive needs to be very strong. If your natural lashes are to remain attached to the extensions anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks, the lash adhesive cannot be low-quality. Methyl methacrylate is another ingredient in lash extension adhesives that acts as a reinforcer, allowing the adhesive to harden and strengthen its bonding capacity.

3. Black vs. Clear

When it comes to color and lash adhesives, they are commonly available in clear or black. The black adhesive is more popular because it blends better with the lashes and helps to create longer, fuller and darker lashes with added definition. However, some individuals are allergic to the carbon black ingredient. For this reason, clear lash adhesives can be an alternative for individuals who have sensitive skin.

Say goodbye to false lashes with strips that you have to constantly reapply. If you are looking for longer, fuller and curlier lashes, lash extensions are just what you need. They are convenient and long-lasting and will have your eyes looking more sparkling than ever. Contact the lash experts at Selena’s Lash Studio to answer any questions you may have.