Lawn Mowing Tips for a Beautiful Lawn

Mowing the lawn is one of the crucial jobs in the garden during the summer and the spring season. Lawn Mowing is the key to keep up the good health of the lawn. When you mow the lawn, you encourage the grass to grow thicker, which helps to create a luxuriant look. It also eliminates the weeds and makes the grass durable. Mowing often seems to a simple task; however, it has to be done with great care and knowledge. The failure and success of your lawn depending on mowing the grass. When you mow correctly, you can groom the turf that is healthy and thick. With incorrect mowing, your lawn has to struggle to survive. In this article, we are going to share a few tips that will help you to do perfect mowing.

Tips for better lawn mowing

These tips will help to mow the lawn correctly, which will have positive effects in the future:

Select the right mower – Whether you are borrowing or buying a mower, choosing the right kind of mower is the first crucial task. If your lawn is less than 500 sq ft, then go for the reel lawnmower. For large lawns, you would require electric mowers because they will save time and catch grass faster.

Set the wheel height rightly – The summer season grasses like Zoysia needs to be cut to a height of 1/2 – 2 inches maximum. Whereas the winter season grass such as bluegrass can survive at a height of 3 inches. Set the cutting height right by lowering or raising the mower’s wheel.

Clear the yard before mowing – To be on the safe side, clear the obstacles or objects that are present on the lawn. Before you start mowing, remove the small toys, bottles, cans, and loose stones so that you don’t run into them.

Keep mowing the lawn often – For the best lawn, you should mow the lawn as often required. The grasses should be mowed at once a week. In the regions with wet and warm weather, you need to mow more often than weekly. The grasses stay healthy when the new growths are removed on time.

Use the correct pattern – The best mowing pattern is moving back and forth. While mowing, walk at a brisk walking pace so that the grasses are not able to clog the blades. When mowing around a tree or flowerbed, take two laps around them.

After the mowing sessions, make sure you clean the mower blades and spill some oil on the moving part to prevent rust. Taking care of the mower is as essential as mowing correctly.