Learn About the Bahai Faith at Delhi’s Lotus Temple

The Lotus Temple is often called the Bahai Mashriqu’l-Adhkar. The term refers to a place where the name of God is uttered at dawn. It was open to the public for worship in 1986. It has remained as one of the most visited edifices in India since then. The temple is open to all faiths and beliefs. But the nine-sided construction has been done by Fariborz Sahba keeping the Bahai culture in mind. If you are taking a Bagdogra to Delhi flight, do consider adding Lotus Temple to your itinerary. Here’s how it has revolutionized the concept of worship while fueling curiosity about Bahai Faith among locals and tourists of Delhi: 

The Bahai Concept  

While booking Bagdogra to Delhi flights read about the social teachings of Bahai. These include universal auxiliary language, equality of men and women, truth investigation, science and religion and elimination of extreme poverty and wealth. However, the strongest principle is the acceptance of every faith and religion across the globe. 

The Bahai-Themed Construction 

The temple forms a lotus. It has been purposely done to symbolize the clarity, freshness and simplicity which are the core principles of Bahai Faith. It rises from water that evokes feelings of beauty and purity and reflects the manifestation of the Almighty.

This also represents the Oneness of God, Oneness of Mankind and Oneness of all Religions: the tenets of the Bahai faith. But all houses of worship of this community usually feature a dome in the centre. This temple is the only one that is not aligned with this concept. In fact, the structure does not imitate any particular architectural schools in India. You can read in detail peacefully on your Bangalore to Delhi flights.

It is composed of 27 free-standing marble-clad ‘petals.’ These are arranged in clusters of three to form the number ‘nine’. The temple also has nine doors that serve as entrances to the central prayer hall. The number ‘nine’ is the highest of all single-digit numbers and is an important figure in Bahai Faith. This is because it presents the fulfilment of expectations of all religions. In fact, the temple also has a nine-sided star in the ceiling. 

The Aura of Silence 

Bahai Faith revolves around the value of silence and the use of minimal words. This is considered to be the sign of intellect. Listening is given more importance which is only possible without external sources of sound. Thousands of daily visitors are from all races, nations, colours, social classes, religions and gender sit side-by-side and offer their silent prayers.

This is the best form of outward expression of the inner transformation. The motive is to ensure the betterment of humanity by remembering the Lord unitedly. There are no idols, priests or photographs. Each individual can revel in their unique beliefs and faiths. This can help them capture a part of their inner selves and restore peace and tranquillity. 

While taking an onward journey in your Delhi to Goa flights, do check out the numerous articles and books available on Bahai Faith. These will help you have an even better knowledge of Lotus Temple, a powerful icon of human endeavour.