Lion Raisins Are Known For Their Production Process

Lion Raisins is known as the largest grower and processor of top-quality CA raisins. It produces high-quality products by harvesting and field drying CA grapes. The commitment is evident in the whole procedure of the production system.

Lion Raisins is known to serve customers with quality, service, price, and custom packaging. It meets the demand of the customers and it makes sure that all the production processes are monitored by Lion quality assurance personnel, and USDA inspectors. Lion quality assurance is completely dedicated to assuring the highest quality and cleanliness of the products. All the raisins that are processed are examined and the whole production process is analyzed. Lion is known to exceed their customers specifications.

This is the only company that utilizes 3 inline electronic sorting devices. It is equipped with vacuums, inline magnets, metal detectors, and x-ray at various points. It ensures the specification and quality of reviewing the finished product before packaging. They undergo almost 30 processing steps before the final packaging is done. The high-pressure sprayers, rinsers, scalpers, riffle boards, and vacuums make sure that stones, sand, and organic matter are removed. It refines the product to make it a high grade finished product.

It is famous for producing popular raisin products which include raisin juice concentrate and raisin paste. Both of these are extensively used in the food industry. They are prepared from clean sun-dried California raisins. Preservatives or additives are not added to the paste. The raisin juice distillate is a pure extract that is arranged by leaching the raisins with water. There are several stages to produce the raisin juice. The raisin paste is finely ground and cooked for over 30 hours.

There are several steps that the Lion Raisins undergo to prepare for packaging and shipping. These are shipped all across the nation and all around the world. The salesperson also addresses their questions and helps the customers to clarify their queries. Specific attention is given to the customers so that they can enjoy high-quality products.

Lion Raisins has been in the industry for over 115  years and they continue to lead the industry with their products. To stay competitive in the market they are putting their focus on producing the cleanest and safest CA  raisins at a low cost. With the help of advanced technology in the production process they are more than capable of exceeding  all the necessary food and safety concerns of their customers